Burn, baby – burn!

Nkunzi traps Pas­tor Mdlet­she and Mx­olisi in burn­ing house.

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No one crosses jail-breaker Nkunzi (Ma­soja Msiza) and lives to tell the tale. He’s out for vengeance on Wed­nes­day 5 July and wants to mur­der his step-son and for­mer right-hand-man Mx­olisi (Nay Maps Mapha­lala) while hold­ing him cap­tive in a run­down house. “Nkunzi is back in mon­ster-mode,” laughs Ma­soja. While Nkunzi doesn’t up­hold high morals and would kill some­one in cold blood to get money, fam­ily comes first to him. But he can’t spare Mx­olisi, who se­cretly part­nered with the po­lice to put him behind bars in mid-June 2017. “Nkunzi has a lot of things going through his mind: he needs money to flee town but be­fore that, he wants to get rid of Mx­olisi for good,” says Ma­soja.


Mx­olisi is hope­less and fight­ing for his life later that day – and it’s only going to get worse. His good- guy bi­o­log­i­cal dad Pas­tor Mdlet­she (Glen Ga­bela) is search­ing for him af­ter re­al­is­ing that he’s been miss­ing for a cou­ple of days. “Pas­tor Mdlet­she is fu­ri­ous! He be­lieves that Nkunzi has him and he rushes to save Mx­olisi,” says Ma­soja. Pas­tor Mdlet­she doesn’t leave any stones un­turned and searches all over KwaMashu un­til he almost walks into Mx­olisi and Nkunzi. Pas­tor Mdlet­she has al­ways wanted to bring down the bad-guys and keep the com­mu­nity safe, like when he took down gangster Muzi (Mpumelelo Bhu­lose) in 2015. “This time, Pas­tor Mdlet­she is fight­ing for his son. He wants to pro­tect Mx­olisi be­fore Nkunzi fin­ishes him off. It’s a mat­ter of life and death,” says Ma­soja. “Some­one will die here!”


“Nkunzi is an­noyed and ir­ri­tate on Thurs­day 6 July when Pas­tor Mdlet­she ru­ins his plans,” says Ma­soja. “They start swing­ing and throw­ing fists at each other, it’s such a mess,” Nkunzi has been on a kid­nap­ping streak – in late June he took his fi­ancée MaNg­cobo (Dawn Than­deka King) cap­tive for re­fus­ing to bail him out of jail and forc­ing him to break out. “Nkunzi feels like everyone has stabbed him in the back and he doesn’t have any emo­tions in him,” ex­plains Ma­soja. Nkunzi over­pow­ers Pas­tor Mdlet­she dur­ing their fight and man­ages to douse the house in petrol be­fore set­ting it alight. “Pas­tor Mdlet­she is un­con­scious in the house. Nkunzi is an­gry and wants to see Mx­olisi and his fa­ther burn­ing. He doesn’t have money right now, but that can wait – he wants to know that his en­e­mies have been burnt to a crisp,” says Ma­soja. But he doesn’t get too far – the cops ar­rest him be­fore he’s able to get out of town and it’s back to prison. “He looks down for a sec­ond and when he looks up again, the cops have sur­rounded him and this time, there’s no es­cap­ing them,” re­veals Ma­soja. “It’s back to prison… and maybe for good.”

The two men go to war, us­ing weapons to try kill each other.

Hostage Mx­olisi is speechless.

Will Pas­tor Mdlet­she es­cape the fire?

Nkunzi is a rag­ing mon­ster.

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