Son of a gun

Azwin­dini’s se­cret heir isn’t ready to be part of the fam­ily yet.

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Thathe’s ruler Chief Azwin­dini and his wife Su­san (Gabriel Te­mudzani and Mahumela Mahuwa) made a jaw- drop­ping dis­cov­ery in early June – they have a se­cret son! Their teen Mu­londo (Ndamulelo Mbuwe) was a twin but the mid­wife took the sec­ond boy away with­out telling them – twins are con­sid­ered a bad omen and the royal par­ents never knew of their other son. Vhut­shilo ( Wavhudi Lidzhegu) is in town and wants to know about his her­itage. The man who raised him told him his birth story be­fore he passed away and the teen wants to be known to his fam­ily. But he can’t walk into the royal fam­ily on Thurs­day 6 July and ex­pect everyone to be happy…


“Mu­londo’s twin is a teen com­ing into the fam­ily,” ex­plains Gabriel. “It’s dif­fi­cult for him to learn new tra­di­tions and their way of life. His man­ner­isms are dif­fer­ent and it’s a chal­lenge not just for Vhut­shilo, but for the whole royal fam­ily.” The broth­ers are get­ting on like best friends and team up against Azwin­dini on Fri­day 7 July, test­ing his pa­tience and act­ing out. “They’re typ­i­cal boys but Azwin­dini wants to groom Vhut­shilo for the throne. Only un­cir­cum­cised sons can be­come chiefs,” says Gabriel, re­mind­ing view­ers that Mu­londo and his brother Muvhango (Owen Mm­bobo) were kid­napped in July 2016 and cir­cum­cised so that Azwin­dini no longer had heirs.


Be­fore Azwin­dini can claim Vhut­shilo as an heir though, he needs to give his son his sur­name on Mon­day 10 July. Thing is, the boy has gone with­out one for so long that he doesn’t isn’t sure he wants to be a Muk­w­evho by name. Azwin­dini is shocked, ex­plains Gabriel. “There’s a lot of hope put on this boy and know­ing that he doesn’t want the Muk­w­evho sur­name is a mas­sive prob­lem.” On Tues­day 11 July, Vhut­shilo pro­poses a so­lu­tion: he’ll take the chief’s name and keep his – a double-bar­rel sur­name. “That idea doesn’t sit well with Azwin­dini,” says Gabriel. “No­body in the Muk­w­evho fam­ily has done that, not even the pro­fes­sional women!”

Azwin­dini and Su­san get a sur­prise son. Vhut­shilo turns the royal house on its head.

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