10 – 14 JULY

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Ter­tius’s ac­tions in Ca­su­alty have far-reach­ing con­se­quences, and Bronwyn’s life is in dan­ger. Jana’s plea falls on deaf ears, and An­nel­ize and Ter­tius aren’t ex­cited about the party at the Koster man­sion. Jana shares bad news with At, and Steve and Tim are wor­ried about Bronwyn. At dis­cov­ers new info about the case, and An­nel­ize wants info from Ter­tius. First im­pres­sions count when Tracy meets a stranger. Vanessa leaves At and Jana speechless, and later At is more fo­cused on Vanessa’s case af­ter get­ting valu­able in­for­ma­tion. Bronwyn tat­tles to Pippa about Ter­tius, and there’s more to Ross than meets the eye. Else­where, Louis re­alises who Tracy re­ally is and he has a heartto-heart with Naomi about it.

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