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The WWE is about more than just the 1, 2, 3-count in the ring…

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Ever won­dered how much money the WWE makes from pay-per-view events, like Great Balls Of Fire? WrestleMa­nia 33 in April made the com­pany and CEO Vince McMa­hon over $20 mil­lion (R256 mil­lion) thanks to the over-75 000 fans who watched live in the Camp­ing World Stadium in Florida, over 1.5 mil­lion pay-per-view or­ders and the WrestleMa­nia-branded mer­chan­dise they sold. Those aren’t the only in­ter­est­ing num­bers that count when it comes to the WWE!

$10 (R130) per month is what you’ll pay for ac­cess to the WWE Net­work in SA. $20 (R260) is the cost per share that you will pay to buy into the WWE. 71 Vince McMa­hon’s age. He’s owned the wrestling com­pany since 1980 when he founded it with his wife Linda. 85% of vot­ing rights are still con­trolled by Vince and his fam­ily, in­clud­ing son Shane, daugh­ter Stephanie and son-in­law Triple H (Paul Michael Levesque). 180 coun­tries around the world air WWE shows in 25 lan­guages. 330 live events took place in the US in 2016 with the Raw and Smack­Down brands, ex­clud­ing the 15 pay-per-views. 580 Make-A-Wish wishes have been granted by John Cena as of De­cem­ber 2016. He holds the record. $40 000 (R510 000) – the cost of ev­ery WWE ring, which has been cus­tom- de­vel­oped in-house at the WWE Per­for­mance Cen­ter in Florida.

2.8 mil­lion WrestleMa­nia tweets were posted on the day of the event (Sun­day 2 April) and over 5 mil­lion tweets were posted dur­ing the five-hour show.

$4 mil­lions (R51 mil­lion) – Triple H’s re­ported an­nual base salary as a part­time wrestler in 2016, $700 000 more than Vince’s salary of $3.3 mil­lion.

18 mil­lion YouTube sub­scribers have watched the WWE’s 29 000 videos a to­tal of 15 bil­lion times.

$232 mil­lion (R3 bil­lion) – the WWE’s an­nual earn­ing from sell­ing shows like Raw, Smack­Down and NXT, which SA au­di­ences get for free on

650 mil­lion view­ers around the world watch WWE shows ev­ery week.

$700 mil­lion (R9 bil­lion) – the WWE’s record turnover in 2016.

$1.2 bil­lion (R15 bil­lion) – Vince’s net­worth, thanks largely to the 40 mil­lion shares in the com­pany that he holds. They are val­ued at over $800 mil­lion and he’s told the board in no un­cer­tain terms that “they’re not for sale”.

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D-Gen­er­a­tions X (Triple H left and Shawn Michaels right) helped make Vince and the WWE bil­lions of dol­lars.

The McMa­hon fam­ily still con­trol the WWE.

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