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Mys­tic Falls is the place to be for the best blood­sucker ac­tion.

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The Vam­pire Diaries (2007-2017; the first 7 sea­sons can be watched on in­ter­net stream­ing ser­vice Show­max) is tops when it comes to crea­tures of the night. And it’s not just be­cause the two lead vam­pires – Sal­va­tore broth­ers Da­mon and Ste­fan (Ian Somer­halder and Paul Wes­ley) – are im­pos­si­bly good look­ing! The show is set in mag­i­cal Mys­tic Falls and there’s noth­ing or­di­nary about the lit­tle town. Its his­tory is steeped in the su­per­nat­u­ral, ever since the first set­tlers ar­rived from New England in the 1800s. There are vam­pires, were­wolves, witch covens – you name the su­per­nat­u­ral “mon­ster” and they’re sure to be alive and well in Mys­tic Falls.

There’s a lot of anger and rage and fight­ing, but it’s all about the Sal­va­tore boys’ love for hu­man high-schooler Elena (Nina Do­brev). Ba­si­cally ev­ery­thing that hap­pens on the show ei­ther in­volves the trio or is be­cause of them. “Da­mon needs to make this de­ci­sion about whether he can work with his brother to pro­tect what they love, their way of life and all the things that come with it,” says Ian Somer­halder.

And don’t think that be­cause they’ve been around for cen­turies that the broth­ers have seen and done it all. There’s still a lot for them to dis­cover about be­ing blood­suck­ers and the su­per­nat­u­ral world that they in­habit. Like in sea­son 3 (2011), when Mys­tic Falls plays home to the Mikael­son fam­ily – they’re “the orig­i­nals”, the Nor­we­gian fam­ily who started the blood­lines in the 10th cen­tury.

That’s not the only rea­son the culthit fan­tasy se­ries is so pop­u­lar. Here are seven bloody good rea­sons to binge on the first 7 sea­sons of Vam­pire Diaries…


Okay, so the first rea­son is a lit­tle vain. But look at Ste­fan, Elena and the rest! They’re beau­ti­ful! And it’s just so much eas­ier bond­ing with good-look­ing bad­dies like vam­pires – don’t for­get that they’re still killers de­spite their model good looks!


Don’t get us wrong – the Twi­light Saga movies (2009-2012) were a hit. But they’re just too angsty, too sulky and too brood­ing. Vam­pire Diaries is up­beat and mov­ing faster than a speed­ing lo­co­mo­tive. Plots de­velop, the char­ac­ters change as time goes on and sorry, Ed­ward Cullen (Rob Pat­tin­son), the only way that Da­mon Sal­va­tore is going to sparkle is if he’s wear­ing granny’s crys­tal chan­de­lier. Ian’s

char­ac­ter even takes the mickey, say­ing, [about Twi­light lead char­ac­ters] “What’s so spe­cial about this Bella girl? Ed­ward’s so whipped.” And that brings us to our next point…


We’re not talk­ing about the sound­track (which is pretty cool, by the way). Vam­pire Diaries keeps heart­beats el­e­vated with its ac­tion, fights and vam­pires jump­ing out from the shadows to drain their vic­tims and stop their heart­beats.


Who needs Drac­ula as the start of ev­ery­thing when you can have it all come from one fam­ily? That’s right: vam­pires, witches, were­wolves and everyone else on the show is linked to the Mikael­son fam­ily, which gives the writ­ers end­less story op­tions (plus it’s led to spin- off shows like The Orig­i­nals, 2013- cur­rent).


Da­mon is the best at be­ing bad. How else do you ex­plain him get­ting snarky one-lin­ers like “Where`s your ring? The sun is com­ing up and… poof… ashes to ashes” and “Ste­fan smiles, alert the media!”


Lit­er­ally and fig­u­ra­tively. The vam­pires and were­wolves leave bod­ies ly­ing around. It’s what they do. But what we love more is char­ac­ters like Caro­line Forbes (Candice King), who de­vel­ops from an an­noy­ing cheer­leader in episode 1 to a men­ac­ing vam­pire in sea­son 2 (2010).


And not to men­tion the act­ing. Show us one other se­ries crazy enough to get one ac­tress to play three char­ac­ters – in the same scene! That hap­pens in sea­son 5 episode 7 when Nina plays Elena, her dop­pel­gänger Kather­ine and Amara, the world’s very first im­mor­tal woman. Nina says that “I cre­ate dif­fer­ent char­ac­ter­is­tics and make ef­forts to make them dif­fer­ent. Like what they wear, how their hair is styled… sim­ple things that make them dif­fer­ent”.

Da­mon, Elena and Ste­fan are just three of the show’s very pretty faces.

Movie vam­pire Ed­ward Cullen is the butt of jokes in Vamp Diaries.

Caro­line goes from wishy­washy char­ac­ter to full-on biter!

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