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Sphe’s trou­bled past is haunt­ing her life as a new mom.

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The Moroka fam­ily’s daugh­ter-in­law Sphe (Pearl Monama) is as self­less as they come. She has ded­i­cated her time to pleas­ing other peo­ple and on Wed­nes­day 19 July, her es­tranged hubby Mazwi (Musa Ngema) forces her to go to din­ner with him. “She is re­luc­tant at first. Sphe isn’t keen on go­ing out but she agrees to make him happy,” says Pearl. While he is try­ing to make up for cheat­ing on her with his on-off mistress Nol­wazi (Thando Tha­bethe), Sphe

just wants to spend time with their pre­ma­ture new­born daugh­ter Rorisang (Lethokulhe Jiyane). They usu­ally don’t agree on much, but “they are get­ting used to be­ing new par­ents. They know that they need to make things work for the sake of Rorisang,” ex­plains Pearl.


The only thing on Sphe’s mind is to build a happy fam­ily for baby Rorisang – she wants the best for her daugh­ter and on Thurs­day 20 July she be­comes para­noid about the new­born’s health. Sphe has over­whelmed her­self with pres­sure and “she has been car­ry­ing around the guilt of al­most abort­ing Rorisang, which may be the cause of the baby’s med­i­cal com­pli­ca­tions,” says the ac­tress. Al­though the idea to get preg­nant with her brother in-law Smanga’s (Moopi Moth­ibeli) child wasn’t hers, she blames her­self for putting her daugh­ter in a dan­ger­ous sit­u­a­tion. “She went through a lot to fall preg­nant. Sphe re­grets try­ing to abort the baby and her big­gest worry is the se­cret com­ing out that she slept with Smanga,” ex­plains Pearl.


The Mabaso and Moroka fam­i­lies are con­cerned about Sphe and plan an in­ter­ven­tion meet­ing on Tues­day 25 July. She thinks that the fam­i­lies are out of line but “Sphe puts the needs of the fam­i­lies be­fore her own. She’s kept all their in­struc­tions about her liv­ing her life re­gard­less of how she felt,” says Pearl. With the mount­ing stress from her­self to be a good par­ent and the strain from her fam­ily to keep the se­cret, Sphe breaks down on Wed­nes­day 26 July. She wants to make ev­ery­one happy but she re­alises that she can’t al­ways keep her fam­ily smil­ing. Pearl says that “the stress is enough to push any­one over the edge! No one ap­pre­ci­ates her ef­forts and sac­ri­fices. She loses it when they gang up on her, ex­pect­ing her to fol­low in­struc­tion once again”.


While Sphe is an­gry with the fam­i­lies, she is able to gather her­self to­gether for the sake of her baby. She’s ir­ri­tated with all the pres­sure that has been dumped on her on Mon­day 31 July and “Sphe goes on a rant when she feels like the fam­ily is treating her like a child,” says Pearl. She’s al­ways been a team player, even when her mother Nandi (Brenda Mh­longo) was bat­tling de­pres­sion in late 2016. “Sphe points out how she’s al­ways been there to pick up the pieces when Nandi had her melt­down. She says that she isn’t a prob­lem and that the fam­ily should be wor­ried about Nandi be­ing around Rorisang in­stead,” teases Pearl.

Sphe all but breaks down un­der her fam­ily’s pres­sure.

Hid­ing the se­cret that Smanga is her baby­daddy is a prob­lem.

Mazwi is treating his wife Sphe like a play­thing.

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