Dead reck­on­ing

Nick’s killer con­fesses to stop him from hurt­ing any­one else.

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When Nick Fal­lon (Blake Ber­ris) lifted a dy­ing hand to point to his killer in Hor­ton Town Square on Fri­day 7 July, he could have been point­ing at any­one. Who didn’t want him dead? Now as Hope (Kris­tian Al­fonso) in­ter­views sus­pect after sus­pect, some­one is sweat­ing – some­one who’s al­ready made so many mis­takes in their young life. It’s not a huge shock when Will Hor­ton (Guy Wil­son) sur­ren­ders him­self at the po­lice sta­tion on Mon­day 24 July. This bad ap­ple doesn’t fall far from his mama Sami Brady’s (Ali­son Sweeney) tree. But hold up a sec…


On Thurs­day 27 July, des­per­ate to stop Will from con­demn­ing him­self to life be­hind bars, the real killer steps for­ward – Will’s baby­mama Gabi Her­nan­dez (Camila Banus). “I would’ve never let you go to prison for me,” she tells Will on Fri­day 28 July. Gabi must be des­per­ate to do the right thing, be­cause be­fore con­fess­ing, she’s had to hand over baby Ari­anna (Harper and Syd­nee Udell) to So­cial Ser­vices, know­ing that if she winds up go­ing to prison, her lit­tle girl could grow up with­out her mother.


Gabi tells Hope, “Nick was try­ing to take Ari­anna away from the peo­ple who love her. And I couldn’t let that hap­pen.” Woah! It looks like some­one wasn’t fooled by Nick’s Mr Nice Guy act after all. “On the sur­face, go­ing back to Nick after ev­ery­thing he did may not have made sense to some peo­ple. But Gabi was afraid of Nick,” ex­plains Camila. “She was fear­ful of what Nick would do if he re­alised that she didn’t have feel­ings for him. Her big­gest worry was that he would harm Ari. He could have killed her at any minute.” When Gabi tells Hope that Nick didn’t know how to take no for an an­swer, she’s also talk­ing about the time that he tried to rape her – when she first tried to kill him in Jan­uary this year. And she ad­mits that Nick was also black­mail­ing her for hir­ing a stalker to ter­rorise Me­lanie (Molly Burnett) two years ago. In the end, Nick had Gabi so trapped that she couldn’t see any way out but death.

EJ agrees to act as Gabi’s lawyer when she steps for­ward after Will’s ar­rest. Will con­fesses but he didn’t kill Nick.

Tears of sad­ness or re­lief as Gabi looks as Nick?

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