Snakes & lad­ders

Ed­die and Cal wres­tle for Mey­erism’s soul fol­low­ing the founder’s death.

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Are the Mey­erist cult lead­ers high on drugs in sea­son 2 of The Path (2016- cur­rent)? Are their re­li­gious vi­sions real? And do the fi­nal three rungs forged by Cal Roberts (Hugh Dancy) from New York’s branch of Mey­erism match the val­ues of cult founder Doc­tor Stephen Meyer’s (Keir Dul­lea) orig­i­nal doc­trine and text known as The Lad­der? Both could be equally worth­less since there is no higher au­thor­ity to an­swer any of these ques­tions or sort lies from truth for the viewer – each char­ac­ter’s truth in the show is their own re­al­ity. And that cre­ates some fas­ci­nat­ing paths…


Sea­son 1 (Feb­ru­ary 2017) ended with Dr Meyer mirac­u­lously re­cov­ered from his sea­son-long coma and out of bed

in his clinic in Peru. At least that is what Ed­die Lane (Aaron Paul) saw. By that point, re­cur­ring vi­sions had led Ed­die to doubt even the doubts that drove him away from Mey­erism in sea­son 1. The sec­ond sea­son starts with a flashback of Dr Meyer telling Ed­die that Ed­die, not Cal, is his spir­i­tual suc­ces­sor. Meyer then pre­pares to write the fi­nal three rungs of The Lad­der, but be­fore he can do that, Meyer and Ed­die are struck by light­ning on a moun­tain top, caus­ing Dr Meyer to fall to his death. Well, that is Ed­die’s story. A lo­cal later claims that they saw Ed­die push Meyer off the moun­tain.


What does be­comes clear as the sea­son pro­gresses is that in the ab­sence of lit­eral truth, both Cal and Ed­die are work­ing to­ward dif­fer­ent ex­pres­sions of Mey­erism’s spir­i­tual truths. Ed­die is push­ing to­ward ac­cep­tance and open­ness, while Cal is driven in­creas­ingly to­wards re­stric­tion, black­mail and lies as his tools for hold­ing onto power. One lad­der is for climb­ing up and out, the other, down into dark­ness.

Snakes have noth­ing on the slip­pery cult ser­pents Ed­die will be deal­ing with.

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