7 – 11 AUGUST

TV Plus (South Africa) - - UZALO PREVIEW -

MaNg­cobo whips out a gun when Nkunzi fol­lows her home, and Qha­banga asks Nkunzi what he wants to do now that he’s a free man. MaNg­cobo sur­prises Nkunzi with a peace of­fer­ing, and Cap­tain Mthimkhulu in­ter­views Nkunzi for a job! A dev­as­tated GC masks his pain by drink­ing and falling in with a bad crowd, Fik­ile tells the sa­lon ladies that the locks on the busi­ness have been changed, and GC and DK hold a drunken party at the sa­lon. Mumsy learns some hard truths about Mas­ter­mind, and Mas­ter­mind tries to re­pair his re­la­tion­ship with Mx­olisi, while DK wants Mas­ter­mind to no­tice her.

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