Caught out!

John has nowhere left to hide when Mok­gadi con­fronts him over his se­cret af­fair.

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From the out­side, var­sity lec­turer John Ma­putla (Africa Tsoai) is the perfect hus­band and fam­ily man. Along­side his wife Meikie (Har­riet Manamela), they have built a solid, hon­est name among the Tur­floop com­mu­nity and their spaza busi­ness has been a suc­cess story. Ex­cept John isn’t the hon­est, up­stand­ing man he claims to be – he’s been sleep­ing with his busi­ness as­so­ciate Char­ity (Mak­gofe Moagi). “He’s con­flicted by his feel­ings for both women [on Thurs­day 3 August] says Africa. “He and Meikie drifted apart af­ter many years of mar­riage.” Africa adds that his char­ac­ter blames him­self for cheat­ing on Meikie and it’s some­thing he never thought he would do. “John doesn’t want his fam­ily to fall apart. In his heart, he knows that he loves Meikie, but he also has strong feel­ings for Char­ity.”


John’s sneak­ing around town would put 007 se­cret agent James Bond to shame, but he hasn’t taken one fac­tor into con­sid­er­a­tion: his in­ves­tiga­tive jour­nal­ist daugh­ter-in-law Mok­gadi (Pe­betsi Mat­laila). She’s smells a rat and starts dig­ging into John’s be­hav­iour on Fri­day 4 August. “Mok­gadi doesn’t con­front him yet. She’s sus­pi­cious but doesn’t raise her con­cerns as there’s no ev­i­dence,” ex­plains Africa. Mok­gadi goes un­der­cover and tails John to his ren­dezvous, where she takes pho­tos of John and Char­ity.

Mok­gadi con­fronts her fa­ther-in-law for his be­trayal on Mon­day 7 August and tells him to “end it” with Char­ity. If he re­fuses, Mok­gadi will tell Meikie what John’s been up to. And it seems to work! “John is scared of los­ing his fam­ily. He sits down with Mok­gadi to dis­cuss the af­fair,” says Africa. “John prom­ises to dump Char­ity. He’s go­ing to fo­cus on his mar­riage and try re­build his bro­ken trust with Mok­gadi.”


A leop­ard doesn’t change its spots and John goes back on his deal with Mok­gadi the very next day, on Tues­day 8 August. Not that it was un­ex­pected – Mok­gadi’s put a tail on John and knows ex­actly where he is and who he’s with. She con­fronts him later that same day with a new ul­ti­ma­tum. “John doesn’t know what to do,” ex­plains Africa. “It’s com­pli­cated and they’re both hooked. John makes a re­newed prom­ise to his daugh­ter-in-law [on Wed­nes­day 9 August] but I don’t know if he’ll do it.”


While John’s made a prom­ise, he hasn’t bar­gained on Char­ity not play­ing ball. She re­fuses to end things on Fri­day 11 August and makes it clear that she wants her cake and to eat it too. “This opens a door for an­other rollercoaster ride for John,” laughs Africa. “He’s just made a prom­ise with Mok­gadi but he knows what will hap­pen if he tells her that things haven’t ended…”

John can’t lie his way out of this mess: Mok­gadi has proof!

John looks Mok­gadi in the eye while mak­ing his prom­ise.

Meikie has no clue about John’s be­trayal.

Char­ity has a hold over John.

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