Move! Out my way!

Andiswa falls for Suf­fo­cate while try­ing to get rid of their big­gest ri­val David.

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Pick­ing up the pieces isn’t easy, es­pe­cially if you’re an ex- con­vict with a crim­i­nal past like Andiswa (Tina Jaxa). She’s bang­ing her head against the wall try­ing to mend her bro­ken bond with her im­pres­sion­able daugh­ter Pearl (Petronella Tshuma) and mak­ing mat­ters worse is that Andiswa and David (Jamie Bartlett) are fight­ing for Pearl’s at­ten­tion on Thurs­day 3 August. “It’s war! No­body knows how dan­ger­ous David is like Andiswa,” ex­plains Tina. “Andiswa doesn’t want her baby girl get­ting too close to some­one like David, even though he is her dad.” Andiswa is caught in a catch-22 sit­u­a­tion: she wants Pearl safe but she needs Pearl for her plan to steal David’s em­pire from him. “She needs Pearl on her side. It’s not go­ing to be easy get­ting rid of David and Andiswa wants Pearl to be at her side to make up for lost time while Andiswa was in pri­son,” Tina re­veals.


If there’s one thing Andiswa knows about David, it’s his weakspots… not that there are lots. Andiswa teams up with David’s ri­val and fel­low ex-felon Suf­fo­cate (Mduduzi Mabaso) on Mon­day 7 August to plot their en­emy’s down­fall. “There’s a warm chem­istry be­tween Andiswa and Suffo from the start… and it doesn’t hurt that they have a com­mon en­emy,” laughs Tina.

They want the same re­sult even though their mo­tives dif­fer: Suffo wants re­venge for David cud­dling up with his ex-wife Niki (Nolo Phiri), while Andiswa blames David for land­ing her in pri­son. “Andiswa wants David out of her and Pearl’s lives. She wants to get rid of him be­fore he wins over Pearl’s heart like he did with so many other women,” says Tina. As for Suffo, we all know what hap­pens when the ex-gang­ster gets an­gry…


Like David, Andiswa is loyal and keeps her word – es­pe­cially when some­one dou­ble­crosses her. She’s left fum­ing on Thurs­day 10 August when David tells her that he’ll pro­tect Niki from Suffo at all costs. “David is a big bully! He knows the power that he holds and he likes to boast about it,” says Tina. Later that day, Andiswa uses David’s threats to ma­nip­u­late Suffo into get­ting rid of their en­emy sooner rather than later. “Andiswa is just like David. She can get into peo­ple’s heads and she wants Suffo to help her get her life to­gether,” ex­plains the ac­tress.


Andiswa gets the perfect ammo for her plan on Fri­day 11 August when she walks in on David and Niki kiss­ing. “Andiswa isn’t threat­ened by Niki. She is in it for the big fish. She knows that she needs to wait be­fore go­ing in for the kill,” ex­plains Tina. But she’d bet­ter hurry – Suffo kicks off his plan to kill David on Mon­day 14 August and it in­volves Pearl! “Andiswa is speech­less when she learns this. She was blind­sided and she thought that she could trust Suffo,” ex­plains Tina. Now Andiswa has to save her daugh­ter from two evil men who could cost Pearl her life. “Andiswa doesn’t trust a sin­gle per­son when it comes to Pearl. She will do any­thing to pro­tect her baby girl. And I do mean any­thing,” teases Tina.

David (inset) is un­der at­tack from two fronts: Andiswa and Suffo.

Pearl is be­ing used like a pawn.

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