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Sonny in­sists that he mur­dered Deimos and a waiter steps up with eye­wit­ness tes­ti­mony, but af­ter some un­der­cover snoop­ing Lani, JJ, Hope and Rafe re­alise that Deimos’s real killer could be some­one with a long past in Salem. Anne is cuckoo about Lu­cas, and Ni­cole and Eric’s memo- ries of the party night start sur­fac­ing from the drug haze. Ni­cole and Hope be­come sus­pi­cious of Dario, and Abby bugs Dario’s of­fice af­ter search­ing through her new hus­band’s be­long­ings. Jade con­sid­ers ex­pos­ing Joey’s in­volve­ment in Ava’s death when he re­jects her, Hope and Rafe pre­pare for their wed­ding, and Chad of­fers Theo a job.

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