The In­tern

Layla’s taken Din­tle un­der her wing but Din­tle wants to fly be­fore she can even crawl.

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Layla’s (Natasha Suther­land) de­ter­mi­na­tion to help her son Quin­ton’s (Brighton Ngoma) baby­mama Din­tle (Ma­paseka Koe­tle) make some­thing of her­self has de­lighted Scan­dal! fans, who’ve been glee­fully watch­ing them drive each other nuts. “Ma­paseka is a nat­u­ral co­me­dian and the sub­tle digs she gives Layla are dif­fi­cult for me, as Natasha, not to laugh at. I have to keep a very pro­fes­sional at­ti­tude when I’m with her. She slips a ‘gogo’ in there when she can,” laughs Natasha. “I think that Layla is learn­ing to ac­cept it.” But an in­tern­ship that started out some­what rooted in Layla’s snob­bery has grown into some­thing more. “There’s a gen­uine be­lief that this young woman, who’s had to fight her whole life to get stuff, ac­tu­ally has the street smarts and the suss to be an en­trepreneur,” says Natasha. “Wouldn’t it be won­der­ful to have the power to help some­one take a gift they’ve been given and do some­thing that makes them feel proud of them­selves?”


While Din­tle’s dreams of mak­ing it big with no ed­u­ca­tion or skills are un­re­al­is­tic, they’re not un­founded. Her new “chom­mie” Yvonne (Kgo­motso Christo­pher) is proof of that. So what’s hold­ing Din­tle back? “Layla thinks that it’s habit with Din­tle. She has hus­tled by tak­ing short­cuts. Layla thinks that if Din­tle sees that some­one be­lieves in her, that might do a Cin­derella-like turn­around.” Per­haps Din­tle’s re­sis­tance ev­ery time Layla or Quin­ton men­tion study­ing is a clue that right now, Din­tle has no faith in how smart she re­ally is.


On Wed­nes­day 16 Au­gust, Layla prom­ises Din­tle that she’ll in­vest in Din­tle’s fash­ion skills if Din­tle can bring her a solid busi­ness plan. “She’s ex­pect­ing to see that what Din­tle is study­ing is help­ing her gain en­tre­pre­neur­ial skills,” says Natasha. About that busi­ness course… where there’s a Din­tle, there’s a DIY. Will Layla be duped again? “The won­der­ful thing about the sto­ry­line is that ev­ery time Din­tle cuts corners, Quin­ton is shocked and cyn­i­cal and Layla just says, ‘Well, that ac­tu­ally shows quite a lot in terms of en­tre­pre­neur­ial savvy’,” laughs Natasha. “Ev­ery time Din­tle comes up with a Din­tle way of do­ing things, she says, ‘There’s po­ten­tial in that, but take that and do it this way’.”

Layla needs a cou­ple of things from Din­tle be­fore she’ll in­vest in Din­tle’s busi­ness.

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