Keep­ing it real

Jus­tice is speech­less when Pi­eter’s new iden­tity is re­vealed.

TV Plus (South Africa) - - KEEPING SCORE -

A change is on the cards for Pi­eter (Coco Mer­ckel), who is the main in­vestor in the ASA gym that is run and owned by his best friend Jus­tice (Saint Se­seli). Pi­eter has been go­ing through an on­screen trans­for­ma­tion since June 2017 and de­spite keep­ing his trans­gen­der iden­tity a se­cret to avoid bad press and neg­a­tiv­ity, Jus­tice is sus­pi­cious of his friend. Lit­tle does the ASA boss know what’s head­ing his way on Mon­day 28 Au­gust!


“There have been hints about Pi­eter’s tran­si­tion from male to fe­male. Pi­eter doesn’t want to scare any­one or cre­ate a scene – he just wants to be true to his iden­tity and feels that the best way to do such was to be trans­gen­der,” ex­plains Coco. The first sign of Pi­eter’s trans­gen­der sta­tus was on Tues­day 13 June when a play­ful scuf­fle be­tween Jus­tice and Pi­eter at the gym ended with a flash of Pi­eter in ladies un­der­wear. That led to a heated de­bate and fall­ing out when Jus­tice made nasty com­ments to Pi­eter. Coco adds that “it’s a dif­fi­cult po­si­tion. Imag­ine be­ing in the sport world where ev­ery­body is seen as ‘manly’ and here’s Pi­eter, who is show­ing his fem­i­nine side!”


Jus­tice needs a pick-me up on Mon­day 28 Au­gust af­ter all the drama with his boxer Tladi’s (Solomon Se­both­oma) rape ar­rest and the other is­sues tak­ing place at the gym. The only per­son able to “fix” Jus­tice is Pi­eter, so Jus­tice sucks up his pride and calls his friend to meet at a bar later on. But when Jus­tice gets there, Pi­eter isn’t Pi­eter – he’s stand­ing there in all his glory as Jac­que­line, his new trans­gen­der iden­tity.

Pi­eter is up­front with Jus­tice on Tues­day 29 Au­gust and Coco ex­plains that “ba­si­cally Jac­que­line wants to tell Jus­tice why she’s trans­gen­der and that it isn’t a sin or a crime. She wants him to un­der­stand her and sup­port her. She also wants Jus­tice to know that she will al­ways be loyal to him and that their friend­ship hasn’t changed be­cause of who she iden­ti­fies as now.” In other words, Jac­que­line is lead­ing by ex­am­ple and Jus­tice must re­spect that.

Jus­tice is ready to turn and flee from his make-up-wear­ing, hand­bag-tot­ing friend Pi­eter.

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