From cuff­links to hand­cuffs

Bad-guy David sets the cops on Suffo’s tail when he re­fuses to dump David’s daugh­ter Pearl.

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If gang­ster Suf­fo­cate (Mduduzi Mabaso) had his way, he would’ve stran­gled the life from his ex-wife Niki (Nolo Phiri). She has ru­ined his hap­pi­ness from day 1 – like sleep­ing with his brother and hid­ing pa­ter­nity test re­sults for Suffo’s baby with his other wife Pu­leng (Te­bogo Khalo) dur­ing 2016. And now she is work­ing with Suffo’s en­emy #1 David Ge­naro (Jamie Bartlett)! “Niki is the worst!” laughs Mduduzi. “She’s play­ing happy fam­ily with David and that makes Suffo un­com­fort­able.” That isn’t all: Niki has an­other trick up her sleeve, in the form of David’s daugh­ter Pearl (Petronella Tshuma), who hap­pens to be Suffo’s new squeeze. “Niki knows the but­tons to press to get Suffo mad,” says Mduduzi. But los­ing his cool on Thurs­day 17 Au­gust would be a prob­lem, be­cause Suffo is work­ing with David’s baby-mama ex Andiswa (Tina

Jaxa) to steal David’s em­pire. “There is a lot rid­ing on this: fam­ily, brag­ging and a lot of money. Suf­fo­cate will make sure that he’s on top,” adds Mduduzi.


David knows that Pearl is in dan­ger at Suffo’s side but he puts an end to that on Fri­day 18 Au­gust, ex­plains Mduduzi. “David spills the beans to Pearl about Suffo and her mom’s re­la­tion­ship but she doesn’t want to hear a thing. Pearl is smit­ten with Suffo and dump­ing him is the last thing on her mind!” But that doesn’t mean she trusts Suffo – Pearl sneaks around on Mon­day 21 Au­gust but doesn’t con­front the pair when she catches them red-handed. “She pre­tends like ev­ery­thing is fine,” says Mduduzi, whose char­ac­ter is show­er­ing both women with af­fec­tion. “Th­ese women are in­trigued by Suffo as much as he scares David and that is a sign of power. They want Suffo’s pro­tec­tion and to learn a few tricks from him.”


Andiswa is ex­pe­ri­enced and can feel a change in her mother-daugh­ter bond on Thurs­day 24 Au­gust. She begs Suffo to dump Pearl but he re­fuses – and he has more in store: Suffo is go­ing to marry Pearl! “He is tak­ing the re­venge thing too far,” says Mduduzi. “This guy doesn’t even get down on one knee to pro­pose. He just says it in pass­ing and that shows he doesn’t re­ally care about Pearl.” But just like Suffo, Andiswa has her own plans and on Fri­day 25 Au­gust she makes it her mis­sion to get David to end Suffo and Pearl’s re­la­tion­ship. “She is in a dif­fi­cult po­si­tion: Andiswa wants a wor­thy guy for Pearl and she wishes that she was mar­ry­ing Suffo. It’s tricky and Suffo knows that – and that’s the per­fect way to fur­ther drive the rift in David’s fam­ily,” ex­plains Mduduzi.


David knows that the only way to stop the wed­ding is to put Suffo in prison and he doesn’t have a prob­lem do­ing that on Fri­day 25 Au­gust. “David thinks that he has the per­fect idea – he plants the mur­der weapon ‘ that Suffo used’ to mur­der his own brother Themba (Sphamandla Dh­ludhlu) in May 2017. Niki killed Themba but David hopes that Suffo will take the fall. But it’s a bad idea from the start,” hints Mduduzi. The cops ar­rive at Suffo’s club on Mon­day 28 Au­gust to ask ques­tions and search the prop­erty, leav­ing Suffo speech­less when they find the weapon and place him un­der ar­rest for Themba’s mur­der…

Pearl is clue­less about the dan­ger she’s in with the men in her life.

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