Gen­er­a­tions – The Legacy

… and the Mabaso bad­die is about to lose more than money.

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Watch your back, Jack (Vusi Kunene). Crime gang the Rus­sians are hunt­ing the shady busi­ness­man and they make their de­mand clear on Fri­day 15 Septem­ber: pay back the money you stole or else! There’s no place for Jack to hide and that’s when he re­alises that the Rus­sians won’t stop with him – his fam­ily are in dan­ger too! Jack’s daugh­ter Sphe (Pearl Monama) and his wife Nandi (Brenda Mh­longo) are easy tar­gets, and it’s not like Jack has friends he can ask to help him… In fact, it turns out that Jack’s en­e­mies Tau and Gadaffi (Ra­pu­lana Seiphemo and Vuyo Dab­ula) are the ones spear­head­ing the Rus­sians’ at­tack!


“It’s all a big plan to get rid of Jack,” says Gen­er­a­tions pub­li­cist Gaaratwe Mokhethi. “Gadaffi framed Jack and made the Rus­sians think that Jack stole their money. They think that the Mabaso pa­tri­arch is their num­ber-one en­emy and that Gadaffi is their ally, when it’s al­most the ex­act op­po­site. Gadaffi and his brother-in-law Tau are play­ing pup­pet­mas­ters and want to drive Jack in­sane… and out of their busi­ness world. “The Rus­sians have been pointed to­wards Jack by their ‘friends’ Tau and Gadaffi. They send threats on Fri­day 15 Septem­ber and if Jack doesn’t re­spond, there will be con­se­quences,” hints Gaaratwe.


Jack has never made a se­cret of his crim­i­nal ways, but un­til now, he has trusted no one with his deal­ings. But with his en­e­mies lin­ing up, Jack’s had no al­ter­na­tive but to hand over reins of his var­i­ous busi­nesses to his son Fana (Mn­qobi Duma). “This is a backup plan in case he gets in­jured,” says Gaaratwe. “He fears that some­thing will go wrong with the Rus­sians and that his em­pire will be threat­ened. And it’s not a mo­ment too soon – on Mon­day 18 Septem­ber, Jack’s meeting with the gang goes hor­ri­bly wrong and he’s shot in the skir­mish.


Jack is un­der at­tack and he isn’t see­ing a pos­i­tive out­come. “This is his big­gest worry. He is wounded. He is shot. He can’t de­fend him­self and he also can’t pro­tect his fam­ily,” ex­plains Gaaratwe. “For now, his di­rect en­e­mies are the Rus­sians. If he can stop them, that’s one less thing to worry about.” But Tau isn’t get­ting his hands dirty, even when it comes to hand­ing down or­ders. Gadaffi in­stead is the one bark­ing com­mands on Thurs­day 21 Septem­ber when he hands in­struc­tions to his right-hand man AK (David Dukas). If ev­ery­thing goes ac­cord­ing to plan, they might be able to get rid of Jack. But as Gaaratwe warns, “You never know how things will un­fold in a soapie…”

Jack Mabaso is star­ing death in the face.

Gadaffi has pulled the wool over the Rus­sians’ eyes.

Tau is watch­ing the plan un­fold from afar.

Jack takes a bul­let when his meeting turns ugly.

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