Chris is green with envy when Adam wins Lee-Ann’s heart.

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Bad news for any­one in Ruiter­bosch who was hop­ing to see busi­ness­woman Lee-Ann (Por­tia Joel) and for­mer de­tec­tive Chris (Mar­cel van Heer­den) as a cou­ple. Lee-Ann is head over heels for the new guy in her life Adam (Kevin Smith). But she should still keep an eye on Chris – she knows all too well how jeal­ous he can be and see­ing her happy with an­other man is like light­ing the fuse on a bomb: some­one’s go­ing to get hurt!


Lee-Ann and Chris split in Jan­uary this year when she learnt from her kid­nap­per Char­lie (Sean Breb­nor) that Chris and her brother-in-law Ian (Ab­duragh­maan Adams) were to blame for her fa­ther’s death years ear­lier and it sent her blood boil­ing. She cut all ties with him, but ac­cord­ing to Mar­cel, “They have un­fin­ished busi­ness. I don’t think that he will ever be over her. He is still very much in love with her.”

But Chris isn’t Lee-Ann’s only prob­lem. Ian is busy push­ing her out of their es­tate agency busi­ness on Wed­nes­day 11 Oc­to­ber, leav­ing her out of im­por- tant de­ci­sions. “Adam works for their big­gest ri­vals and Ian has it in his mind that Adam is up to no good,” ex­plains Mar­cel. Later that day, Ian asks Chris to dig into Adam’s life and see what is go­ing on. Mar­cel adds that the Ian wants to know if Adam and Lee-Ann are ac­tu­ally dat­ing or if he’s us­ing her to steal busi­ness from Ian’s com­pany.


Ian for­bids his em­ploy­ees Rhafiek and Car­men (Ir­shaad Ally and De­siré Gard­ner) from telling Lee-Ann that Ian is freez­ing her out on Thurs­day 12 Oc­to­ber but she knows what’s hap­pen­ing. Lee-Ann isn’t one to suf­fer fools and by Mon­day 16 Oc­to­ber, she’s had enough of the cold shoul­ders in the of­fice that she de­cides it’s bet­ter to re­sign. But quit­ting her job has a rip­ple ef­fect and it hits Chris on Tues­day 17 Oc­to­ber that he re­ally has lost her to Adam. “He re­alises that she is gone. But that doesn’t mean he trusts Adam now,” teases Mar­cel. “In fact, it spurs Chris on to find out what Adam’s real story is. Per­haps there is some­thing in Adam’s past that he can use to tear Lee-Ann away from her new lover.” Uh-oh – that sounds like the jeal­ousy mon­ster has reared his ugly head and there’s no telling what Chris will do this time…

Adam is about to land in truoble. Chris wants Lee-Ann back and there’s noth­ing he won’t do to achieve that.

Ian is up to no good.

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