Lost in love

Anja is see­ing hearts, but it’s not the same for the ob­ject of her de­sire Ben­jamin.

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Valen­tine’s Day is a bit of a gam­ble for Anja Late­gan, laughs ac­tress Lee Vis­agie. “She’s seen Ben­jamin le Roux (Arno Marais) around The Deep and she’s al­ways thought that he is cute. His money adds to her at­trac­tion to him… but just a lit­tle bit. She isn’t a com­plete gold­dig­ger!” Her friend Enhle (Siph­e­sihle Mpanza) took ad­van­tage of Anja’s feel-ings on Mon­day 12 Fe­bru­ary when she bet the teen that she’s too chicken to kiss Ben. “It’s a crush, so Anja is blush­ing and shy, but she also isn’t go­ing to let her friend win a bet,” says Lee. Anja started plot­ting to get Ben’s at­ten­tion on Tues­day 13 Fe­bru­ary, but as with all well-laid soapie plans, “It blows up in her face on Valen­tine’s Day [ac­tu­ally in the Wed­nes­day 14 Fe­bru­ary episode].” Lee adds that “Anja is left with egg on her face but she isn’t the kind of per­son who gives up – she is re­source­ful and con­tin­ues with her scheme is catch and kiss Ben. It’s go­ing to take longer than she hoped though.”


The big­gest ob­sta­cle stop­ping Anja from get­ting her smooch is Ben­jamin him­self, says Arno. “He’s a bit of a play­boy for sure. Ben likes at­ten­tion from the ladies, but he doesn’t just kiss ev­ery woman he sees. He’s also not on the love trail right now af­ter what hap­pened with Nikiwe (Linda Sokhulu).” Ben tried to get his bestie to re­alise that he liked her but Nikiwe ended up think­ing that Ben was her stalker in the first week of Fe­bru­ary when the busi­ness­man kept pop­ping up in the wrong place at the wrong time. “Nikiwe is to­tally out of the pic­ture now in ‘ that’ way,” ex­plains Arno. And that’s the foot in the door that Anja un­know­ingly needs.


While Enhle is still play­ing the devil on Anja’s shoul­der on Fri­day 16 Fe­bru­ary, egging her on with Ben, the teen does have an an­gel watch­ing out for her. “Her aunt Wendy (Michelle Bel­ing) tells Anja what she knows about Ben,” says Lee. “Wendy knows the type of man that he is, prob­a­bly though her own ex­pe­ri­ences. Wendy has seen Ben around town and she tells her niece to be wary be­cause the flashy busi­ness­man ‘is not what you think he is’.” Arno is quick to point out that while Wendy is al­lowed her reser­va­tions, “Ben­jamin is not us­ing Anja. I think the view­ers will see that with how he’s a lit­tle awk­ward around her at first. Yes, he en­joys spend­ing time with her and they get along well, but there are no feel­ings there for her in a love way. He’s sim­ply en­joy­ing this young woman’s at­ten­tion.”


Anja doesn’t lis­ten to au­thor­ity and she isn’t go­ing to let her less-than-saintly aunt stop her from hav­ing her cake and eat­ing it. “The writ­ers are still plot­ting where this sto­ry­line is go­ing,” says Lee, “but Anja isn’t go­ing to be forth­com­ing with her fam­ily down the line. She isn’t go­ing to tell them what she’s up to and even her aunt, who is like her con­fi­dante, doesn’t know what Anja is do­ing.” Wendy is go­ing to get a peek at her niece’s scheme on Tues­day 27 Fe­bru­ary and as Lee warns, “She is not go­ing to like it one bit!”

1, 2, 3… AND SMOOCH

Like ev­ery soapie kiss­ing scene, the two ac­tors sat down for a chat first to iron out any pos­si­ble is­sues. “But it wasn’t ac­tu­ally nec­es­sary,” laughs Lee. “Arno and I are friends out­side of work, so we’re com­fort­able in each other’s space.” Arno says that “it’s our job – you go in, kiss when they shout ‘And roll!’ and that’s it.” Lee adds that “my fi­ancé isn’t jealous at all. He un­der­stands my job and if any­thing, he will joke about it with Arno when we’re to­gether again”.

There’s mis­com­mu­ni­ca­tion be­tween smit­ten Anja and bach­e­lor Ben­jamin.

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