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If a poacher en­ters the coun­try il­le­gally with arms and am­mu­ni­tion then that is armed in­cur­sion. He should not get five years, but a life sen­tence must be im­posed. – Anti-poacher

Dis­gusted by Ash­ton traf­fic cops. R500 fine for rolling over a clear stop sign at 5km. Go catch some real of­fend­ers.

How can the po­lice say that they have enough re­sources when we are be­ing robbed and bur­gled and they can­not ef­fec­tively im­ple­ment their own sec­tor polic­ing pol­icy due to lack of per­son­nel?

Judg­ing by Lamoer’s con­duct this week, Pre­mier Helen Zille should ex­tend the scope of the polic­ing probe to the whole Western Cape.

Western Cape po­lice com­mis­sioner Arno Lamoer has egg all over his face af­ter hav­ing falsely ac­cused Com­mu­nity Safety MEC Dan Plato of ly­ing about the short­age of po­lice at many of Cape Town’s worst crime spots. Lamoer should stop try­ing to play politi­cian and get on with his job. We are get­ting tired of his ex­cuses and ac­cu­sa­tions. Best he do some­thing about the crime sit­u­a­tion or al­low some­one more com­pe­tent to do so. – Fran­cois, Gor­don’s Bay

I see Dan Plato is com­plain­ing about a short­age of po­lice­men in Cape Town. But yes­ter­day we went to Slanghoek light­house for a pic­nic. Two po­lice­men were al­ready sit­ting on a bench eat­ing and drink­ing Coke, and talk­ing for more than two hours. It was only 10.30am and they never once walked around or did any­thing like check­ing for al­co­hol. They drove off and there were only about 20 peo­ple around en­joy­ing the sun – so what were they do­ing there so long? Where did they spend lunch? Why don’t they go to the very busy ar­eas? One minute af­ter they left, an­other po­lice van pulled up, checked out us 20 “crim­i­nals” and left af­ter 30 sec­onds. That’s very hard work for four po­lice­men and two vans.

Some time ago a law was pro­posed that proof of be­long­ing to a gang or be­ing a gang­ster could lead to ar­rest and de­ten­tion un­til the ar­restee dis­tanced him or her­self from gang mem­ber­ship. Was this law ever in­tro­duced and if so has it ever been ac­ti­vated, and if not, why not?

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