N2 bar­rier is noth­ing like Is­raeli wall

Weekend Argus (Saturday Edition) - - COMMENT - Dr E V Rapiti Mitchells Plain Naushad Omar East Lon­don

I RE­FER to Arthur Wein­burg (“Bar­rier in SA is okay”, Week­end Ar­gus, July 13). Is­rael is oc­cu­py­ing the West Bank and East Jerusalem mil­i­tar­ily – it is aided and abet­ted by the West – and yet it has no ti­tle deeds to the land.

There are two walls. The one sur­rounds Gaza, the world’s largest ope­nair prison. De­clas­si­fied doc­u­ments, re­vealed af­ter a court or­der pur­sued by the Is­raeli hu­man rights group Gisha, re­veal that the Is­raeli mil­i­tary cal­cu­lated just how many calo­ries a typ­i­cal Gazan would need to sur­vive in or­der to de­ter­mine how much food to sup­ply the 2007-2010 block­ade. This is a form of slow star­va­tion.

Is­rael con­structed a huge wall in­side the West Bank as well.

The wall is built to sep­a­rate farm­ers from their land, pa­tients from hos­pi­tals, work­ers from places of em­ploy- ment, and chil­dren from schools.

Ex­actly nine years ago, to the day, 14 out of the 15 judges of the UN In­ter­na­tional Court of Jus­tice at the Hague ruled that the con­struc­tion of the wall was il­le­gal and any fur­ther work on it should be stopped im­me­di­ately.

They also ruled that the sec­tions al­ready con­structed should be de­mol­ished and com­pen­sa­tion paid to those who suf­fered.

But the world’s only bi­ased sher­iff, the US, has re­fused to pres­sure its ally Is­rael to obey this or­der.

For how long can this go on? Is­rael is a mod­ern-day Masada await­ing the ar­rival of the equiv­a­lent Ro­man Gen­eral Lu­cius Silva to lay siege to the fortress. When the Ro­mans breached it, they dis­cov­ered more than 900 Jews had com­mit­ted mass sui­cide.

Is­rael it­self is sur­rounded by farms in close prox­im­ity to cities – why is Cape Town go­ing in the op­po­site di­rec­tion?

Those Khoisan matjieshuise will look nice in Dis­trict Six, as long as the city sup­plies a flush toi­let for each one.

Tony Ehren­re­ich, please read the Ar­gus ar­ti­cle “Tale of two prov­inces”, di­gest it then get a life. Western Cape is still tops and will al­ways be as long as the ANC stays far away.

Ras­tas used to be irie. Now it just seems to be a cover for ag­gres­sive poach­ers and drug deal­ers.Go back to dem roots mon.

Plato stop com­plain­ing. Es­tab­lish your own gang unit us­ing the best from metro po­lice. The ANC is not go­ing to lend a help­ing hand be­cause a Western Cape in chaos will suit them bet­ter. – Mervin

South African.

Thank you for the Grass Roots ar­ti­cles in the Week­end Ar­gus and thank you Kay Mont­gomery for twist­ing my arm to buy a Madiba rose on Man­dela Day. – Ivan Li­jk­ert.

Should the union not be pay­ing the Marikana le­gal fees? – Mau­reen

What was the writer smok­ing when he/she com­mented about the Modi­molle Mon­ster? What dig­nity does he de­serve? He should be hanged and then left to rot. – Peter, Re­treat.

The Mus­lim Ju­di­cial Coun­cil is cre­at­ing a huge fuss over the re­moval of Mursi from power in Egypt. The MJC is go­ing mad over the fail­ure of democ­racy in that coun­try. But there is no democ­racy in any coun­try any­where in the Mid­dle East. So why is Mr Hen­dricks so up­set about Egypt in par­tic­u­lar?

Call­ing for the army is silly. The lame-duck jus­tice sys­tem has to be sorted out.

A colonel in the Hawks lost his job for re­marks re­gard­ing a bot­tle of vase­line, if one re­mem­bers. The 1.6 bil­lion Mus­lims, and grow­ing.

The only way to get out of this Masada-like fortress is to sit down with the Pales­tini­ans and ne­go­ti­ate a one- man- one- vote uni­tary, sec­u­lar state with equal rights for all and the re­turn of all refugees. Noth­ing less is ac­cept­able. Jews and Mus­lims co-ex­isted rel­a­tively peace­fully for 1 300 years be­fore the col­lapse of the Ot­toman Em­pire, and the ar­rival of boat­loads of Jewish set­tlers af­ter World War I.

Arthur Wein­burg, do you still think that the N2 wall equates to the walls in Pales­tine? More­over, do you think that the now ail­ing Nel­son Man­dela and Arch­bishop Emer­i­tus Des­mond Tutu would agree with you? mag­is­trate men­tioned in the let­ter by Dr R Chuunga should face the same mu­sic, or are cer­tain ju­di­cial of­fi­cers ex­empt.

Since this coun­try is home to teach­ers from other parts of Africa, who are skilled, why not do an au­dit to find maths teach­ers and em­ploy them on a con­tract ba­sis. Our ru­ral schools will al­ways be back­ward due to teach­ers pre­fer­ring city posts.

Wouter Bas­son acted un­der or­ders, where are the oth­ers like Pik Botha who played an im­por­tant role in the war. Why should he stand alone, where are those for­mer apartheid mag­is­trates and pros­e­cu­tors? Fair is fair.

The South African Sav­ing In­sti­tute : A sim­ple sav­ing method has to be found. I use my mat­tress, keeps the money straight and warm. If any­thing is left af­ter the high elec­tric­ity and petrol costs.

It is most im­por­tant for young pupils to have some­thing in their tum­mies so they can con­cen­trate in class.

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