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If Man­dela’s dream of a uni­fied non­ra­cial so­ci­ety be­gins and ends with him then there is no legacy to cel­e­brate.

How on earth does some­one like Malema, fac­ing trial on tax charges, get to start a po­lit­i­cal party and get me­dia cov­er­age to fur­ther this joke? Even worse its called the Eco­nomic Freedom Fight­ers and is once again suck­ing in and mis­lead­ing the un­e­d­u­cated. Why are he and the rest of the cor­rupt, fraud­u­lent politi­cians not be­hind bars?

Zuma should not be al­lowed to hand over RDP houses be­cause it comes across as though he or the ANC are pay­ing for it, and they don’t. Tax­pay­ers pay for it and his Nkandla palace.

How can the DA claim the moral high ground with a mem­ber such as King Dalindyebo? Athol, this one is go­ing to come back to bite you big time.

Go King, go! The DA’s new logo should be one man, one spliff.

Mike Thur­good is be­ing diplo­matic when sum­ming up Chief Jus­tice Mo­go­eng’s “trans­for­ma­tion” agenda. Mo­go­eng is a Zuma man with an ANC agenda to fill the ju­di­ciary with regime sym­pa­this­ers. Qual­ity is fast be­ing eroded for ide­ol­ogy.

If the Depart­ment of De­fence wants to go shop­ping for an­other bulk arms pur­chase I think they should first hold a mas­sive garage sale to dis­pose of all the “stuff” they bought last time. This must in­clude all the moth­balled fighter planes, the sub­marines they man­aged to drive into the seabed and bust by plug­ging hairdry­ers into weaponry sock­ets, and of course those pretty bat­tle­ships they can’t af­ford to put to sea. Then they can go and buy some­thing they can af­ford.

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