Sal­danha heck­ling

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Mr Pres­i­dent, to get dig­nity you must give dig­nity. As­so­ci­at­ing your­self with dis­gust­ing, un­ruly be­hav­iour does you no good. Lead­ers must set a good ex­am­ple.

Hav­ing watched Zuma’s lat­est gig, I think he should join the Arc­tic Mon­keys as lead singer – Rob Bell, West Beach

Re Sal­danha Bay, He­len Zille, we sup­port you all the way. Con­tinue chal­leng­ing the ANC bul­lies. It is a pity DA sup­port­ers are so ap­a­thetic. You de­serve your own en­tourage at th­ese events.

The ANC has no re­spect what­so­ever. The way they treated He­len Zille was un­called for. If they can’t con­trol their peo­ple, how can they run a coun­try?

The be­hav­iour of Ja­cob Zuma in Sal­danha Bay again shows he is not fit to lead this coun­try. To sing the Umshini wami song at the launch of a state func­tion is an em­bar­rass­ment to this coun­try and it is not the first time. JZ is a clown on the world stage and all na­tions are laugh­ing. – Dis­il­lu­sioned

The heck­ling of Zille just shows the ma­tu­rity and in­tel­lect of the ANC and its sup­port­ers. Pol­i­tics is a joke to them. – Gen­eral Ken

City cen­tre may­hem

In the civilised world they talk of mud­sling­ing; on the streets of Cape Town the po­lit­i­cal lead­ers in­cite ri­ot­ing and de­struc­tion.

Seems like an early shop­ping spree for mahala. It is noth­ing but bla­tant hooli­gan­ism and any self-re­spect­ing com­mu­nity march or­gan­iser should not have any­thing to do with such hooli­gan­ism. – DJH

It seems strange that when the ANC was in power in Cape Town, lack of ser­vice de­liv­ery saw no protest ac­tion.

Yes the im­age of SA is at stake – loot­ing and rude­ness to tourists at Home Af­fairs and at air­port im­mi­gra­tion. I will spread the word that tourists are not wel­come. Thank you very much, SA. – A reg­u­lar vis­i­tor who has vis­ited this coun­try for the last time

Mr Nkohla, I feel very sorry for the peo­ple who live in the in­for­mal set­tle­ments. Hav­ing said that, I am al­ways sur­prised at the num­ber of chil­dren – preg­nant women with ba­bies and tod­dlers hold­ing their hands. Why don’t you teach them birth con­trol and clean­li­ness in­stead of in­cit­ing them to loot­ing and vi­o­lence?

The ANC’s be­hav­iour in Cape Town has noth­ing to do with ser­vice de­liv­ery. It is about ha­tred of whites and for­eign­ers.

If you fol­low and im­ple­ment the Free­dom Char­ter then there will be no need for protest and moan­ing from the anti-ANC lobby. – Ebie, Re­treat

Why didn’t the po­lice do some­thing to stop the loot­ing? How can the min­is­ter say crime is down? He is liv­ing on another planet . So much killing, rape, at­tacks, etc, that I feel sick to say I am South African. – Ashamed.

The only peo­ple who need to be beaten by the res­i­dents of Khayelit­sha are those id­iots Andile Lili and Loy­iso Nkohla for mis­lead­ing us.The only thing that they know is to brain­wash poor peo­ple by say­ing the DA is not do­ing its job, as if the ANC will do a bet­ter job. They first need to ask that joker pres­i­dent if he is help­ing the peo­ple or him­self with the na­tional funds. – Con­cerned Khayelit­sha res­i­dent

Funny that when Pa­gad stages a march the de­fence force, po­lice and metro po­lice are all out in full force. Bring back that pur­ple dye can­non that was used in the apartheid era. Mark them so they can be iden­ti­fied. They are hooligans. And street ven­dors, when you hear a march is be­ing staged, close shop. – She­haam Ish­mail, Re­treat

It’s time the true cit­i­zens of Cape Town stand up to the “refugees” from the East­ern Cape. They can’t come to Cape Town and think there are empty houses wait­ing for them. Th­ese hooligans threw their brains out with their poo. – Alex, Grassy Park

In­stead of prac­tis­ing good hon­est gov­er­nance, the ANC would rather go out of its way to cre­ate chaos to desta­bilise those ar­eas which are be­ing well run by op­po­si­tion par­ties.

Our SAPS are damned if they do, which leads to a Marikana-like in­quiry, and damned if they don’t, which led to the un­con­trolled ri­ots in the city, for which they are now also blamed. I say it is time the po­lice be­came a force again. The pub­lic can­not in­sist that the po­lice should han­dle a volatile sit­u­a­tion with care and then they crit­i­cise them for do­ing this. It is time that the pub­lic started fear­ing and re­spect­ing the po­lice.


Well done, Judge Pa­tri­cia Go­liath, for giv­ing the life sen­tence to a rapist. If more male judges took a page out of your book there would be fewer mur­der­ers and rapists roam­ing around.

I got DStv for the sport but we are in­un­dated with Amer­i­can rub­bish and bi­ased SA sport com­men­ta­tors. If any ser­vice provider were to pro­vide only the lat­est sports pro­grammes, then I would gladly ditch my de­coder. – Moga­mat, Ot­tery

Isn’t it time for this Mickey Mouse gov­ern­ment to open up the air­waves be­cause we are pay­ing over R700 for re­peats or pro­grammes over 10 years old?

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