No such thing as get­ting an ac­cu­rate quote with­out a plan

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I NEED to start fol­low­ing my own ad­vice. Last week I was rab­bit­ing on about get­ting up early to avoid the heat, and now be­cause of bad plan­ning I am writ­ing in swel­ter­ing heat, and I can’t have the air­con­di­tioner on too much, as us semire­tired types must save money by cut­ting down on elec­tric­ity use.

As al­ways, get your plan­ning right for any task. No proper plan and any project will fall apart. And re­mem­ber there are only 20 build­ing days left this year.

We have got the lo­cal builders in again, we need a few more gar­den walls to pro­tect my young trees and veg­gies from the mau­raud­ing boer­bull puppy, who at 10 months still thinks de­struc­tion is a God­given right. I men­tion this be­cause by try­ing to skimp ini­tially and not plan­ning prop­erly it is cost­ing me more be­cause I am do­ing things piece­meal.

Adding lit­tle bits to con­tracts is ex­pen­sive, one com­plete job and one price is the way to go.

Thanks to Arthur who e-mailed me and Theo who phoned with the same tip, both prov­ing me wrong about clean­ing old ad­he­sive off wall tiles. I en­joy be­ing proved wrong if we are go­ing to help some­body.

Arthur says: “Here’s a sim­ple method I have suc­cess­fully used when deal­ing with a wall tiles which I needed to re­use.

“Fit a ma­sonry cut­ting disc into your 115mm an­gle grinder’

“Place the tile face down on a flat sur­face, prefer­ably out­doors, and ap­ply­ing the disc at a flat­tish an­gle, grind away. (Don’t for­get your safety glasses).

“With a bit of pa­tience and care, all of the ad­he­sive can be re­moved,” says Arthur.

Dave has an in­ter­est­ing prob­lem: “A fire­place was in­stalled ear­lier this year, and later started leak­ing.

“The in­staller sub­mit­ted my three quo­ta­tions – one for re­plac­ing the lam­i­nate floor­ing, one for re­plac­ing the ceil­ing, and one for re­pair­ing the roof cor­rectly – to his insurance com­pany.

“They have agreed to pay for the lam­i­nate and the ceil­ing less a 5 per­cent ex­cess, but said they would not cover the roof as they cover dam­age, not de­fec­tive work.

“The in­staller says he will pay me what the insurance com­pany pays him.

“Why should I ac­cept this amount – I’m then pay­ing the in­staller’s ex­cess. Also, the in­staller says that he re­paired the roof as per in­dus­try stan­dard and is not will­ing to do any­thing fur­ther. My feel­ing is that the re­pair will not last and should be re­paired with proper IBR sheet­ing as per the rest of the roof.

“What are my rights? Should I seek le­gal ad­vice?”

First, as re­gards the ex­cess, you have no le­gal agree­ment with the in­staller’s in­sur­ers, so you can­not be held li­able for the ex­cess.

Had the in­staller not had insurance you would have claimed the com­plete amount from him, so the sit­u­a­tion is that he must re­place at his cost the dam­age his faulty work­man­ship caused.

As re­gards the work­man­ship is­sue, and hav­ing seen your photographs, I can say with com­plete cer­tainty that the work/flash­ings do not com­ply with in­dus­try norms. You are partly cor­rect in say­ing that you want it re­placed with IBR. What it ac­tu­ally needs is a proper back apron flash­ing made out of flat metal sheet run­ning from the chim­ney flash­ing back up to the ridge line. This en­sures that any rain does not fall on to the roof sheets where they run into the chim­ney flash­ing. This is stan­dard pro­ce­dure for all pen­e­tra­tions through metal roof sheet­ing.

A word of cau­tion here to any­body hav­ing a metal chim­ney in­stalled: en­sure that it is done by the com­pany which sup­plies the fire­place or by one of their ap­proved in­stall­ers – don’t let your builder tell you he can do it.

Once some­body else starts fid­dling the guar­an­tees are not worth the pa­per they are writ­ten on. The in­staller must do the flash­ings and ev­ery­thing else re­lated to the in­stal­la­tion, and en­sure there are no roof tim­bers any­where near the flue and that the flue is in­su­lated prop­erly.

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