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Good grief, Zuma must have an in­or­di­nate amount of peo­ple want­ing to do him harm if he has to spend so much on se­cu­rity. As a tax­payer is it too much to ask for a break­down of the R208 mil­lion?

Nkandla, how on earth can the gov­ern­ment make a com­par­i­son to the White House? Only the Obama fam­ily stay there, and it’s the US pres­i­dent’s of­fi­cial res­i­dence. Nkandla is Zuma’s hol­i­day home, with most of his rel­a­tives liv­ing there, all for free at our ex­pense. Even our great Madiba did not get that, and still does not. Ex­plain that, ANC. – Gra­ham

Zuma and his col­lab­o­ra­tors have milked the tax­payer and the poor dry. Does he need his bunker to hide from Malema?

Nkandla bunkers? Zuma rents the land. If I was his land­lord I’d give Zuma no­tice and oc­cupy the bunkers my­self. I bet it’s well stocked. Boot out the ANC.

I couldn’t see Nkandla for the vil­lage. Then the guy told me, no that is Nkandla.

Nkandla, na­tional se­cu­rity my foot. This is the pres­i­dent’s pri­vate home and for which he is re­spon­si­ble. The White House is a gov­ern­ment-owned build­ing on loan to Obama while he is pres­i­dent. We have the pres­i­dent’s house, Ge­naden­dal, in Ron­de­bosch with se­cu­rity.

So Ja­cob Zuma says he knows noth­ing. How is it pos­si­ble to have some­one who knows noth­ing run­ning the coun­try, when I need a ma­tric cer­tifi­cate just to be­come a ju­nior school teacher. – Harry, Parow

Nkandla se­cu­rity… not se­cure from pho­tos be­ing taken? What a joke. What sort of se­cu­rity did they waste the mil­lions on?

Just a thought from a stupid tax­payer. How is our gov­ern­ment go­ing to stop peo­ple from look­ing at Zuma’s hol­i­day house via Google Earth?

The ANC must stop try­ing to fool the pub­lic and hiding wrong­do­ings from tax­pay­ers.

The world sees Obama and his fam­ily in the grounds of the White House, the roy­als on bal­cony of Buck­ing­ham Palace. So why can’t Nkandla be in the news?

Come on min­is­ters Mthethwa and Cwele, if you are go­ing to com­pare se­cu­rity re­stric­tions be­tween Nkandla and the White House, Google, do your home­work or keep quiet. You are giv­ing our se­cu­rity clus­ter a bad name.

Nkandla and many oth­ers seek to re­strict our free­dom as South Africans who have emerged from a past that sought to re­strict us. At the polls next year we have the power to re­strict their power, to show them that we will not tol­er­ate the greed and cor­rup­tion. Enough is enough.

Zuma, I am one of the mil­lions of tax­pay­ers who paid for your ob­scenely pre­ten­tious man­sion. I have a right to see pho­tos in news­pa­pers of my un­in­ten­tional in­vest­ment in your mon­u­ment to your mega­lo­ma­nia.


One me­tre from cy­clists. How far from pedes­tri­ans? Es­pe­cially ven­dors of the Big Is­sue, pink flamin­gos and poop scoops.

There is plenty that is spe­cial about our beau­ti­ful coun­try and es­pe­cially this city now that it is a place for in­ter­na­tional stars. And that is pri­vacy. Some­thing we Capeto­ni­ans re­spect. Let them be, pa­parazzi, if a mother takes a daugh­ter to a park to play. You have no busi­ness in­ter­ven­ing in such very spe­cial mo­ments. Maybe in Hol­ly­wood, but not here in this city, coun­try or con­ti­nent for that mat­ter.

Thanks to all emer­gency staff and city of­fi­cials who were in­volved in clean-ups over the weekend. You guys rock.

Try run­ning a Metro­rail ser­vice into the town­ships. For starters the taxi bosses will not al­low it. There will be more poop throw­ing and vi­o­lence. Come on Ehren­re­ich, wake up and start us­ing your God-given brains.


ANCYL should charge Malema and cronies with civil and crim­i­nal charges to re­cover funds. This has done huge dam­age to our coun­try.

Fel­low South Africans, we should em­bark on a peace­ful but de­ter­mined civil dis­obe­di­ence cam­paign against the gov­ern­ment’s dra­co­nion laws such as e-tolling.

Min­is­ter Dina Pule’s boyfriend was paid R6 mil­lion for four days’ work. Can I be your boyfriend please! I’ll work for four decades for that money.


Oliver Bar­row who “bought new phones for his en­tire fam­ily”: This child is 12 years old. Where does he get about R10 000 to spend on phones? This is ou­tra­geous.

About car guards. I am in my 70s and find that I have to carry heavy bags or push my trol­ley to my car, load the goods into the car. Then the guard who is watch­ing me wants money for tak­ing the trol­ley back.

It’s of­fi­cial, we are num­ber one. Rape cap­i­tal of the world.

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