3D di­nosaur m reimag­ines Ea 70 mil­lion yea


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TAKE a trip back in time in a new 3D movie called Walk­ing with Di­nosaurs and find out what life was re­ally like 70 mil­lion years ago when th­ese awe-in­spir­ing, pre­his­toric crea­tures roamed the Earth.

The ad­ven­ture fol­lows Patchi, a tena­cious Pachyrhi­nosaurus, as he and his fam­ily em­bark on a per­ilous and ex­cit­ing jour­ney across Alaska.

The story is set to­wards the end of the Age Of The Di­nosaurs, when there were many dif­fer­ent species of di­nosaurs on the Earth, but also birds and in­sects. The film cen­tres on a fam­ily of Pachyrhi­nosaurus ( thick- nosed lizard), which, as we dis­cover, were huge her­bi­vores, with horns, a frill and a beak.

Patchi is an ad­ven­tur­ous and spir­ited an­i­mal (with a hole in his frill). “He’s the last one to hatch, the runt of the lit­ter. We fol­low Patchi from the first few days in his nest,” says the film’s co-di­rec­tor Neil Nightin­gale. “And we are with him as he grows up, with all the chal­lenges that face him: his adventures, the friends he meets, the dan­gers he en­coun­ters. Eventu- ally he be­comes an adult and we dis­cover that there’s far more to him than we ever thought when he was be­ing kicked around in the nest. He is over­shad­owed by his older, ar­ro­gant brother, Scowler who seeks to dom­i­nate him through­out his life. But Patchi is very cu­ri­ous, he doesn’t give up he’s car­ing to­wards his friends and even­tu­ally those qual­i­ties win through. “

Nightin­gale has been in­ter­ested in the sub­ject since grow­ing up in the English coun­try­side. “I col­lected an­i­mal skele­tons and ran around out­side,” he says. “I have an end­less won­der for the nat­u­ral world and I’m ab­so­lutely fas­ci­nated by di­nosaurs. It is amaz­ing that there was a time when the world was com­pletely dom­i­nated by di­nosaurs.”

The film’s other co- di­rec­tor Barry Cook says, “Patchi is try­ing to sur­vive in his world and finds him­self at a se­vere dis­ad­van­tage be­ing the small­est.” He meets Ju­niper (a fe­male of the species) and de­vel­ops a crush on her.

“Patchi, Ju­niper and Scowler be­come quite a trio,” he says.

Patchi and his fam­ily set off on their an­nual mi­gra­tion with their herd, en­coun­ter­ing dan­ger­ous preda­tors along the way, no­tably Gor­gon, a ter­ri­fy­ing, car­niv­o­rous Gor­gosaurus (fierce lizard). The vil­lain of the story, Gor­gon is a

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