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ience. It oc­curred as a re­sult of a cam­paign that was run out­side of our process, di­rectly with the agency. We have ad­dressed this with the busi­ness con­cerned, re­it­er­ated the in­ter­nal process that should be fol­lowed and com­mit to main­tain­ing the high­est stan­dards in our client en­gage­ments. AIM A jet of wa­ter un­der high pres­sure at my car? (Toy­ota Orchid, Novem­ber 23)

No thanks, I’ll pass on wet­ting the bits that have to stay dry.

High-pres­sure hoses force wa­ter into the air-to-cabin in­let pipes, from which it drips on to one’s feet for the next cou­ple of days, and, far worse, into the dash­board elec­tron­ics. High pres­sure hoses also force wa­ter past sup­pos­edly wa­ter­tight body panel seams – yes, even with a Toy­ota – where it causes rust.

For th­ese rea­sons, please give Toy­ota and its agency a wellde­served Onion award. THIS past week a com­pany named Gold Cap­i­tal has been ad­ver­tis­ing on the ra­dio. They deal in gold and “JOOLERY!” Aargh! For good­ness’ sake, can’t they get some­one to pro­nounce the word “jew­ellery” cor­rectly?

Please award them a fat Onion for their aw­ful ad!

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