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The photo on page 19 in yes­ter­day’s Cape Ar­gus (fans at Cape Town Sta­dium for the Man­dela me­mo­rial): how I so wish Madiba could have seen how much Capeto­ni­ans love him. It would make him so proud.

Man­dela was more than “just a man”. He, like Gandhi and Mother Teresa, and many oth­ers of sim­i­lar ilk, clearly re­vealed the essence of God’s love and also ra­di­ated God’s pres­ence within him. – Guy, Plum­stead.

Madiba, a beau­ti­ful soul both in life and death. May you sleep soundly in the knowl­edge that the Grace of our Heavenly Fa­ther will bring you eter­nal peace. – Ver­iza, Cape Town

Madiba is the ul­ti­mate sym­bol of hu­man­ism. His death marks the be­gin­ning of the re­vival of the hu­man­ist econ­omy. Peo­ple be­fore profit and power. – Karl Smith

There is not to be found in all his­tory a man like Man­dela. – M Is­mail

From Man­dela, who was a great man with in­tel­li­gent vi­sion for our coun­try, to Malema and Zuma and the cor­rupt ANC. What a dis­as­ter. – RC

Don’t you think it is the right time now to re­call Ja­cob Zuma, ANC?

Tell peo­ple the truth about Man­dela. – a saint he def­i­nitely was not. – VG Behrens

Through the medium of the Ar­gus, I would like to salute our armed forces for a job well done. – Shiraz

We ap­plaud the many stores clos­ing on Sun­day, De­cem­ber 15, as a mark of re­spect to Madiba, but how many com­pa­nies will pay their staff for this day?

Mike C from New­lands, it’s not id­i­otic; Guy Macleod is al­lowed his thoughts about re­nam­ing South Africa with the name Man­dela, just like you are al­lowed yours.

I at­tended a me­mo­rial ser­vice for Madiba on Thurs­day night and like Pres­i­dent Barack Obama said – they say they do, but do not live by his ideals. It is fine giv­ing a young man an op­por­tu­nity, but he spoke so long thus deny­ing oth­ers the chance to be on the TV record­ing as well.

So they pick a schizophrenic to be the of­fi­cial sign-lan­guage in­ter­preter. Stand­ing a few me­tres from Obama and other VIPs. What a joke if it wasn’t so sad. It’s an in­di­ca­tion of what the coun­try has be­come. – Ivan

So the deaf sign-lan­guage in­ter­preter al­legedly has a long crim­i­nal record. Where was the peanut clus­ter when he got his se­cu­rity clear­ance? – Beryl

Even the death of Madiba could not stop Ben Le­vi­tas from en­gag­ing in his usual pro­pa­ganda. – AK

Win­nie Man­dela of course had to try to steal the lime­light. Why couldn’t she have greeted Graça Machel in pri­vate. Thank the Lord that Graça gave Madiba 15 years of love and hap­pi­ness.

I and many world­wide will never stop giv­ing Man­dela all the glory for the love and com­pas­sion God ex­hib­ited in him to lib­er­ate this coun­try from in­hu­man­ity. He will al­ways be ap­plauded and re­mem­bered. Bet­ter still, I sup­port Guy Macleod’s idea of re­nam­ing South Africa Man­dela. Viva Madiba. – Roshan Plum­stead

I think the in­ter­preter at Madiba’s farewell might have spo­ken in a forked tongue. – Ben, Vre­de­hoek.


It has been de­ter­mined who the per­pe­tra­tors of the heck­ling at FNB sta­dium me­mo­rial ser­vice for Madiba were. The fol­low­ers of that an­ar­chist Malema – ob­vi­ously sour grapes for hav­ing been dis­ci­plined and rep­ri­manded by Zuma for em­bar­rass­ing the na­tion both pub­licly and in­ter­na­tion­ally. Malema will never fill the shoes of Madiba as he has no morals nor re­spect for au­thor­ity. All he has is pop­u­lar­ity. He will never be a true leader. It was only a mi­nor­ity of un­ruly mem­bers who do not know the mean­ing of ci­vil­ity. EFF (Em­pow­er­ing fal­li­ble fol­low­ers). I agree with David Biggs, not the time and the place.

David Biggs got it all wrong. When are we al­lowed to boo in or­der to ex­press our dis­ap­point­ments? Af­ter mid­night?

Gen Ken, your en­dorse­ment of a sec­tion of the crowd’s be­hav­iour at Madiba’s me­mo­rial says much of you. You fur­ther state that it all has to do with peo­ple’s mood and views, so next time when peo­ple empty con­tain­ers of poo and trash the CBD, just re­mem­ber that it’s the peo­ple’s mood and views. Don’t be dis­gusted, you have en­dorsed un­ruly be­hav­iour. – Nev, Grassy Park


Great speech by Obama. Now if only he would close down Guan­tanamo Bay as he promised be­fore he was elected.

The SABC is the lie ma­chine of the ANC.

The North Korean un­cle of Kim Jung Il has been dis­patched, they say. First, rit­u­ally hu­mil­i­ated in par­lia­ment in a civil­ian suit, bun­dled out by armed guards and ex­e­cuted. Makes you think of Gil­bert and Sul­li­van and Chu Chin Chow – not to men­tion “a model Ma­jor-Gen­eral”. Noth­ing changes much, it seems. – Gran, Zeeko­evlei

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