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So Malema gets caught for speed­ing and his sup­port­ers sing strug­gle songs? – Mike

Steve Hofmeyr and Julius Malema were racists but are now rac­ers. – JP the real Scots­man

What’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween Steve Hofmeyr and Julius Malema? 46 km/h. – J

What I would like to know is how Malema can af­ford a car that can go so fast. Tax­man, please check this out.

Zuma and Nkandla

Free­dom Char­ter: The Zuma-led ANC has con­tin­u­ally ig­nored, ducked and stuck their heads in pie and gravy, in­stead of sug­gest­ing any sus­tain­able strate­gies that could ac­tu­ally be im­ple­mented. It’s all hot air and blank brainspace on pa­per, ex­cept for Zuma’s own homestead, which is mag­nif­i­cent. No costs spared on his own wel­fare.

Fire all the min­is­ters in­volved in Nkandla and Zuma and the di­rec­tor gen­er­als and let them take us to the CCMA. – Er­rol

Does Ja­cob Zuma never take re­spon­si­bil­ity for any­thing? A pres­i­dent? I laugh.

Eish Thu­las, you must spin bet­ter sto­ries than that to earn your mil­lion bucks a year. Se­ri­ously, Bru.

Nkandla es­tab­lished ba­sic ameni­ties in a ru­ral area where fur­ther in­fra­struc­ture is now pos­si­ble. There was no me­dia at­ten­tion on the Athlone Sta­dium, which cost tax­pay­ers R500 mil­lion for up­graded fa­cil­i­ties which have yet to be utilised and no jobs sus­tained.

Doesn’t the ANC know about fire ex­tin­guish­ers? A swim­ming pool? Who are they fool­ing? – MD

Thu­las Nx­esi, you’ve cast a blan­ket of shame on your erst­while col­leagues in ed­u­ca­tion and Sadtu. The gravy train's got you hooked, line and sinker. Sies! – Pen­ne­japie

Nkandla was built in con­tra­ven­tion of all build­ing and health codes. – Khu­maso

Zuma should be pres­i­dent for the next 100 years. Then he might be able to re­pay what he has re­ceived.

A swim­ming pool won’t make the foam needed to put out fires. – Zan­dizwe

Dr John Mpha­phuli should read the con­sti­tu­tion. Peo­ple have the right to free­dom of be­lief. How can he tell Zuma his views on mar­riage are wrong? He can marry for any rea­son.

Thu­las Nx­esi says Zuma “can­not know about the costs”. How stupid does he think we are?

What is so spe­cial that the Zuma’s pri­vate home needs pro­tec­tion? We get bur­gled and face vi­o­lence ev­ery sin­gle day.

I don’t care who takes the fall for Nkandla. Just put our money back into the bank.


Watch­ing the cricket I no­ticed that all the Protea bats­men, ex­cept for Morkel, got out play­ing de­fen­sive shots. They ei­ther have to grow some balls or start look­ing for more ag­gres­sive play­ers.

My Christ­mas wish is for Kal­lis to re­tire af­ter the In­dia se­ries. – Ebie, Re­treat

Proteas give away too many ex­tras com­pared to the teams they play against.

Kal­lis is past his sell by date, so please put him out to pas­ture. Bring in our ris­ing star, Quin­ton de Kock. – An­drea


FW de Klerk tries to blame apartheid on the An­glo Boer War. He might fool old Afrikan­ers who voted for his Na­tional Party and apartheid but not the young Afrikaner who prefers democ­racy. FW de Klerk was a clever, cun­ning politi­cian. Nel­son Man­dela was a States­man. Viva Madiba.

Peo­ple are not re­ally cel­e­brat­ing Madiba’s life but the myth. – Mike

Rest in Peace Tata. – ELM

Wouter Bas­son

So the HPCSA has con­victed Wouter Bas­son of un­eth­i­cal con­duct af­ter 20 years. He was clearly just fol­low­ing or­ders like the so-called doc­tors who de­clared Shabir Schaik and Selebi ter­mi­nally ill. Are they also go­ing to be charged ? What do you think? – Ivan

Wouter Bas­son has not been found guilty in a court of law. The ethics com­mit­tee had to im­port peo­ple to sup­port their views. A real witch hunt. – Jo­han Ge­orge

Mid­dle East

Re­gard­ing Mike Charles’s let­ter in Cape Points Dec 19. I can vouch for ev­ery point made, hav­ing vis­ited Is­rael 12 times in the past 15 years. The lies and mis­con­cep­tions Naushad Omar and his ilk are spread­ing about that re­mark­able coun­try are sick­en­ing.

Over nine mil­lion peo­ple starv­ing in Syria but very lit­tle com­ments or con­dem­na­tion from the Mus­lim com­mu­nity. – AE

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