‘Dooms­day’ out­rage

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C MATHEY “Dooms­day path a re­al­ity for Is­rael”, (Week­end Ar­gus Satur­day, Oc­to­ber 31) is not a bona fide con­trib­u­tor.

He is a con­spir­acy kook who writes on web­sites which glo­rify and ex­cuse Hitler and the Nazis. In web­sites such as www.ger­man­cross.com (now closed down) and www. van­guard­news­net­work.com (which is still up) he and his fel­low anti-Semites deny the Holo­caust ever hap­pened (“Tre­blinka is a joke”), tell you Hitler was a nice guy who was mis­un­der­stood (“he loved chil­dren and an­i­mals and never wanted war), that 9/11 was the work of the CIA and the Is­raelis, and all the other trash such peo­ple prop­a­gate for the con­sump­tion of the un­e­d­u­cated and un­aware.

True to form, Mathey re­peats in his let­ter a quote falsely at­trib­uted to Ilya Ehren­burg which was in­vented in the book The Myth of Ger­man Vil­lainy by Bren­ton L Brad­berry, an­other an­tiSemite Nazi apol­o­gist. That book is one of many crude at­tempts to sani­tise Hitler and blame the Al­lies, the Jews and the Rus­sians for the Nazi atroc­i­ties. Ehren­burg was a poet, jour­nal­ist and a prom­i­nent mem­ber of the Jewish Anti-fas­cist Com­mit­tee. Far from be­ing a fol­lower of Stalin, Ehren­burg ex­posed him as a cor­rupt dicta- tor in his book The Thaw. A quick Google re­veals the na­ture of CM Mathey, whose ul­te­rior mo­tive is to dis­sem­i­nate hate speech un­der the cloak of fair com­ment.

■■■ I OB­JECT to the head­line “Dooms­day path a re­al­ity for Is­rael”. I take um­brage at the so-called facts used by C Mathey of Bel­lville to dis­tort the sit­u­a­tion in the Mid­dle East.

Mathey writes about Soviet writer Ilya Ehren­burg. My un­der­stand­ing of Ehren­burg is that he was a con­fused writer con­stantly chang­ing his ideas.

As Yev­tushenko said, Ehren­burg “taught us all how to sur­vive”. A life full of changes and con­tra­dic­tions surely was his. But per­haps Ehren­burg him­self de­scribed it best in his me­moirs: “If within a life­time a man changes his skin an in­fi­nite num­ber of times, al­most as of­ten as his suits, he still does not change his heart; he has but one.”

Mathey states in­ter alia that Ehren­burg is es­pe­cially revered in Is­rael; that Is­raeli prime min­is­ter Ariel Sharon was quoted in 1982 as say­ing “we are Judeo-Nazis and why not?”, and that he said “the dirty work of Zion­ism is not fin­ished yet, far from it”. I would like to know the source of th­ese com­ments or ac­cu­sa­tions?

I don’t think the news­pa­per should print such anti-Semitic com­ments.

Mathey ends his re­port say­ing that in his view the clock is tick­ing for Is­rael and that no amount of ar­ma­ment will stop it. My view on this let­ter is that it is pur­port­ing to draw con­clu­sions from ques­tion­able facts.

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