Dig­i­tal cam­eras – tougher than you think but they still need care

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MANY own­ers of sleek dig­i­tal cam­eras tend to leave their ex­pen­sive equip­ment at home when the weather turns bad. But sin­gle-lens re­flex cam­eras are bet­ter at cop­ing with rain than peo­ple think.

The data con­tained in in­struc­tion man­u­als on max­i­mum tem­per­a­ture, mois­ture and dust is mostly there for le­gal rea­sons, ac­cord­ing to a re­port in the Ger­man pho­tog­ra­phy mag­a­zine, c’t Dig­i­tale Fo­tografie.

Mod­ern cam­eras can in fact shrug off a lit­tle splash­ing from rain, de­spite the man­u­fac­turer’s cau­tions, says the mag­a­zine, which reg­u­larly tests new mod­els.

That does not mean you can go ahead and lightly put your cam­era through a gru­elling weather test, but there’s no rea­son to sac­ri­fice a chance to take arty pic­tures on a stormy or rainy day, pro­vided you give the cam­era com­mon-sense pro­tec­tion with some kind of cov­er­ing.

Ex­perts ad­vise hav­ing a cloth ready to wipe off any droplets that land on the front of the lens.

It will be an­noy­ing if you only no­tice when you re­turn home that rain­drops have spoilt your pic­tures. A sim­ple um­brella can also be a handy ac­ces­sory in wet weather.

If you are plan­ning to spend an ex­tended pe­riod of time in the wet, then you should buy a wa­ter­proof cover for your cam­era.

The mag­a­zine said you can also make your own cover from a freezer bag if you’re plan­ning to un­der­take only a short photo ses­sion in the rain.

Both types of cover will also pre­vent dust and sand get­ting into your cam­era.

A pro­fes­sional cover made from neo­prene will pro­vide more, and tougher, pro­tec­tion.

If a cam­era bag for the shoul­der is not 100 per­cent wa­ter­proof, one can wrap the cam­era in a plas­tic garbage bag.

A wa­ter­proof tube bag is a great way to pack a cam­era if you think you’ll be trav­el­ling in a wet re­gion for a con­sid­er­able length of time.

Care­fully read la­bels of ex­pen­sive wa­ter­proof equip­ment such as welded-seal cam­era bags or back­packs be­fore pur­chas­ing them, says c’t.

“Wa­ter-re­sis­tant” means the bag will pre­vent rain­drops from wet­ting your cam­era, but that won’t help if your cam­era is com­pletely sub­merged in wa­ter.

Mois­ture in­side a sod­den cam­era bag can be ex­tracted by plac­ing in the bag a sil­ica crys­tal bag of the type that of­ten comes with pack­ag­ing. – dpa

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