False fat­was a front for money-mak­ing rack­ets

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WITH ref­er­ence to the re­port, “’Fatwa’ on top hair re­laxer” (Week­end Ar­gus, June 25) it is truly as­ton­ish­ing that Mus­lims in South Africa have been tricked and fright­ened by a fool­ish fatwa (suspect re­li­gious opin­ion) to re­frain from us­ing a best-sell­ing hair re­lax­ant on the fraud­u­lent grounds that it ap­par­ently con­tra­venes Is­lamic law.

For a self-serv­ing, un­ac­count­able and non-trans­par­ent body like the South African Na­tional Ha­lal Au­thor­ity (Sanha), along with its pedan­tic coun­ter­parts in the Western Cape and else­where, to pro­nounce on the mat­ter has noth­ing to do with the prod­uct’s ac­tual ef­fi­cacy but ev­ery­thing to do with fu­ture com­mer­cial prospects for a ra­pa­cious ha­lal in­dus­try.

It verges on to­tal in­san­ity for Sanha and other self-ap­pointed ha­lalis­su­ing bod­ies to claim Brasil Ca­cau should be banned. Do they re­ally think if this im­ported Brazil­ian item coats mi­cro­scopic in­di­vid­ual hair fol­li­cles, this is tan­ta­mount to ren­der­ing it haram, im­per­mis­si­ble and pro­hib­ited?

Th­ese back­ward and petty-minded or­gan­i­sa­tions with their heads buried in the sand need to be told in no un­cer­tain terms that their in­vented as­ser­tions do not con­tra­vene Is­lam.

In­deed, God is not ob­sessed, un­like th­ese wit­less male priests, if there is an im­per­me­able coat­ing on each hair strand or for that mat­ter, any var­nish on nails.

Such tem­po­rary lay­ers do not in­val­i­date ablu­tions or prayer, ir­re­spec­tive what th­ese my­opic mul­lahs might say. Not one of th­ese despotic and un­demo­cratic ha­lal “agen­cies” fur­nish any per­ti­nent Qur’anic pas­sage to vin­di­cate their “find­ings”.

Mus­lims should sim­ply ig­nore their ha­lal pro­nounce­ments.

They are of­ten noth­ing but a cun­ning money-mak­ing ruse.

In fact, it is an or­gan­ised busi­ness racket for th­ese vested Mus­lim groups to rake in un­told mil­lions of rands yearly from in­doc­tri­nated con­sumers.

Mus­lims should de­mand to know what hap­pens to the ha­lal cer­ti­fi­ca­tion in­come said to be in ex­cess of R100 mil­lion per an­num. It should be clear that this whole op­er­a­tion is just a supremely profitable scam for th­ese un­scrupu­lous is­suers of ha­lal cer­tifi­cates.

Only un­til and un­less there is full fi­nan­cial trans­parency, ir­refutable Qur’anic le­git­i­macy for their out­landish “rul­ings” and true demo­cratic ac­count­abil­ity within the South African ha­lal cer­ti­fi­ca­tion in­dus­try, Mus­lims are ad­vised to pro­ceed with ut­ter cau­tion. They should not blindly fol­low the dic­tates of a highly ob­scu­ran­tist clergy or their greedy com­mer­cial part­ners in their ap­par­ently pre­med­i­tated ha­lal rack­e­teer­ing.

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