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Just ask­ing: if Zuma says he will pay from his own pocket will it “re­ally” be from his own pocket or will it come from hard work­ing tax­pay­ers again? Surely if he did it the first time, what’s to say the next time won’t be the same. Once a cheater or al­ways a cheater. – Derek Phoenix

Zuma’s pay is from tax­pay­ers but will you blame him for pay­ing with his salary? – Ru­tendo Katiyo Those to whom Zuma sold the coun­try will in all like­li­hood set­tle that bill. He needs to have his day in court apro­pos of the 783 charges. He’s no leader, but a scoundrel feath­er­ing his own nest at the ex­pense of the tax­payer. – Paul Mi­nords Zuma should be im­peached. – David Smith

CEO Sleep­out

I found this #CEOSleep­Out idea to be con­de­scend­ing and in poor taste. Surely th­ese CEOs could make a real dif­fer­ence by pay­ing their low-paid em­ploy­ees bet­ter, by in­creas­ing their CSI bud­gets, up­skilling their work­ers and by ac­tu­ally chang­ing their busi­ness prac­tices so that they don’t ex­ploit their em­ploy­ees, con­sumers and the en­vi­ron­ment whilst they them­selves earn mil­lions in­clud­ing stock op­tions and profit share? This whole #CEOSleep­Out idea is hyp­o­crit­i­cal and quite frankly, smacks of priv­i­lege and elitism. – Sa­man­tha Clark

When are Zuma and Frans­man go­ing to sleep out to show em­pa­thy with the plight of the home­less? – Alvin Brown

At least the CEOs were do­ing some­thing to up­lift the com­mu­nity. Bring­ing money in... if it was up to the govern­ment we all know where that money will go... in their own pock­ets. Leave peo­ple who are mak­ing a dif­fer­ence and rather learn from it. – Zelda Van Aswe­gen


The right­eous man un­der­stands the soul of an an­i­mal, but the kind­ness of the wicked is cru­elty. What ex­am­ple has been given to th­ese cruel children? Next they will use another child. – Linda Muller, Ken­ridge

Thank you to all of our won­der­ful ath­letes at the Rio Olympics who will be do­ing their ut­most for our beau­ti­ful coun­try. Good luck! – Robert Gille­spie, Plum­stead

Mr Richard Benson, I am sure most of the pub­lic be­lieve Os­car should have got 26 years. – Giles Coleshill, Yz­er­fontein

Charles Michaels – why do you then stay in a black man’s coun­try? – Faried Val­lie, Bel­har

Spain’s wa­ter­polo olympic team mem­ber Maica Gar­cia dur­ing a train­ing ses­sion in Barcelona, Spain.

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