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The fact that Zuma and his syco­phants do not wish the state cap­ture re­port to be re­leased says it all, doesn’t it? Thuli Madon­sela for pres­i­dent. – Joyce Gamba, Her­manus

A mes­sage for the pres­i­dent and im­pli­cated co­horts, the hounds are loose and the hunt is on. – Roberts Park, Betty's Bay Now we know that Gord­han is charged for the last 11 cents he may have put into some­one’s pock­ets and not his own. May we now charge all that have put tril­lions into their own pock­ets and those who made all this pos­si­ble? Hello, Hawks, do you read me?

Why should the Pub­lic Pro­tec­tor, in the name of trans­parency, not re­lease her re­port? If Ja­cob Zuma has noth­ing to hide, why would he seek an in­ter­dic­tion? He surely has the op­tion of re­fut­ing their find­ings. What­ever hap­pens then, truth will pre­vail. – C Roberts, Betty’s Bay Is it at all fea­si­ble that our gov­ern­ment can ar­rive at a sit­u­a­tion whereby good gover­nance by the peo­ple for the peo­ple can be achieved in­stead of in­ces­sant le­gal wran­gles con­sti­tut­ing fraud and cor­rup­tion among mainly those en­trusted with de­liv­er­ing? – C Roberts, Betty's Bay

So that is why Zuma was danc­ing with­out a care in Kenya; he knew the in­ter­dict was com­ing.

Farewell, Pub­lic Pro­tec­tor Thuli Madon­sela. We want to be like you when we grow up and never sac­ri­fice prin­ci­ple on the al­tar of con­ve­nience.


The struc­tures of SA Rugby: play­ers like Robert du Preez and De­wald Du­ven­hage are pro­tected and pam­pered in a sys­tem that op­er­ates to ben­e­fit only a racial mi­nor­ity in SA, not rugby as a whole. This is the ele­phant in the room and the me­dia are mas­sively de­cep­tive about it. – An­thony Meyer, Re­treat

The Boks are a racist cre­ation and ev­ery­body needs to be acutely sen­si­tive to tram­ple over this sym­bol of white su­pe­ri­or­ity. Now that they are

De­wald Du­ven­hage

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