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Pravin Gord­han will do ev­ery­thing in his means and avail­able re­sources to up­lift the econ­omy. En­cour­ag­ing is his re­fer­ral to the green shoots ev­i­dent. Please let’s get rid of the weeds of cor­rup­tion and erad­i­cate this scourge be­fore these shoots of pros­per­ity for all are sti­fled beyond re­demp­tion.

Enough! Ja­cob Zuma must be the most ac­com­plished stalling tac­ti­cian... won­der why? The court must deny his ap­pli­ca­tion. – C Roberts

To­tally agree with David Leibrecht (Ar­gus, Oc­to­ber 27). Par­lia­ment is quite okay in Cape Town and has been all the years. Only Ja­cob Zuma needs to move and I think he needs to take all his cor­rupt cronies with him to Nkandla. PS Mr Edi­tor – I think you’re about se­lec­tive what you print , so I’m not putting my name in next time. Eish. – Vic­to­ria Gan­fort

Ja­cob Zuma has it all wrong. We mustn’t move Par­lia­ment to save money. We need to move him and his lot out. That will save lots of money. – San­dra Spam­mer I am ab­so­lutely in­censed by the bar­baric be­hav­iour of the so called "protest­ing stu­dents". No stone must be left un­turned in ap­pre­hend­ing those in­volved in the de­struc­tion at Welling­ton. – Robert Gille­spie

Oc­to­ber 8 has come and gone and, big sur­prise, no lo­cal gov­ern­ment elec­tion in Pales­tine. Nor will there be. Your for­eign cor­re­spon­dent should wake up.


Cheryl Roberts, the rea­son no one watches women’s sport is be­cause it’s bor­ing. – Amy

Thank you to FNB Plum­stead which heeded my re­quest to fix the mal­func­tion­ing ATM at Mead­owridge Park and mall the first time I re­ported it. In fact, the en­tire ATM was re­placed with a new one. Other branches can take a les­son in cus­tomer care from you. – Ellen Fedele

In its lat­est ad­ver­tise­ment, the Road Traf­fic Man­age­ment Cor­po­ra­tion ad­mits its mon­u­men­tal fail­ure to stop road car­nage. It ad­mits that “South Africa has the sixth high­est road traf­fic death rate in the world”. This is be­cause the RTMC re­fuses to im­ple­ment the mea­sures which re­duced road deaths over­seas by up to 90 per­cent and its fail­ure to act will now cost thou­sands of lives on our roads this com­ing hol­i­day sea­son. The RTMC is South Africa’s big­gest, costli­est and dead­li­est white ele­phant. – Richard Benson, Road Safety Ac­tion Cam­paign

The idea that wash­ing a car from a bucket and not with a hose will save wa­ter is a fal­lacy. You have to wet the car be­fore wash­ing. With a hose this uses about half a bucket of wa­ter but you would need two buck­ets. You then put your cleaner/wax so­lu­tion in a bucket of wa­ter, wash the car with a sponge or cloth, and rinse down with a hose – again us­ing about half a bucket if you have a spray noz­zle, in­stead of two or three with the bucket. Now, is that wash­ing with a hose? I’ve just saved three-four buck­ets of wa­ter by rins­ing the car with the hose. Am I go­ing to be pros­e­cuted for this way of clean­ing the car? – Lutz Feld­mann

Ja­cob Zuma

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