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plat­forms were on stan­dard res­o­lu­tion. • Out-of-bun­dle rates. When you buy a data bun­dle, you buy ac­cess to a fixed amount of data at a lower rate than if you did not have a data bun­dle. For ex­am­ple: if you had R100 air­time and no data bun­dle, you would be charged, say, R1 per MB when ac­cess­ing the in­ter­net on your phone. In other words, R100 would buy you 100MB. But if you were to spend your R100 on a data bun­dle, it could buy you about 500MB of data, be­cause the “in-bun­dle” rate is lower that the outof-bun­dle rate.

If you’re on a con­tract and you ex­ceed your data al­lo­ca­tion, you will be charged for data at an “out-of­bun­dle rate”.

MTN ad­vises cus­tomers to buy data bun­dles that suit their con­sump­tion pat­terns, and to buy them once they have reached their monthly al­lo­ca­tion.

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