Roach in­fes­ta­tions bug con­sole gamers

The warmth in con­soles makes them a breed­ing ground

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GAMERS around the city have one more thing to worry about, and it is not pretty.

Cock­roaches in­side con­soles.

Dis­gust­ing as it sounds, the bugs, which love dark and warm ar­eas, are mak­ing them­selves rather comfy in elec­tronic ap­pli­ances like the con­soles of your favourite gam­ing plat­form, and even your TV.

A prime tar­get for the lit­tle crit­ters is Sony’s Plays­ta­tion 4 ( PS4). Its in­ter­nal power sup­ply makes it warmer than the av­er­age ap­pli­ance and its wide rear vents are set close to the bot­tom of the con­sole, al­low­ing easy ac­cess to these un­wel­come guests.

The end re­sult is ev­ery gamer’s night­mare. The con­sole will sim­ply stop work­ing.

It hap­pened to one PS4 owner from Cape Town. He said he was lucky to es­cape any dam­age. He asked to re­main anony­mous. “If the dam­age was se­ri­ous, I would’ve tossed it away,” he told Week­end Ar­gus. breed­ing

Xbox One play­ers should also be con­cerned. It has been hap­pen­ing to Xbox con­soles too.

Gam­ing web­site Ko­taku has re­ceived in­for­ma­tion through Matt Zieminski of hard­ware re­pair site iFixit, which has been ex­plain­ing the prob­lems and the di­ag­no­sis.

“Roaches leave traces. Their poop colour is dis­tinct and has a cer­tain smell to it. We kind of know right off the bat if there are poop stains on the vent of the fan – we as­sume it’s bu­gloaded,” he said.

Mark Grace, owner of Con- sole Doc­tor – a gam­ing con­sole re­pair cen­tre in Bothasig – said there hadn’t been many clients com­ing into his store for re­pairs due to cock­roaches. “It hap­pens. Not very of­ten, but it does hap­pen,” he said.

Garth Grad­well, work­shop man­ager at Western Cape Tele- vi­sion, said it was a com­mon prob­lem at his store. “It all de­pends on the en­vi­ron­ment it’s in. Quite a bit of heat builds up in­side the ma­chines, and they (cock­roaches) grav­i­tate to­wards that.”

In the event of this hap­pen­ing, there are a few key things to be aware of.

Ship­ping your PS4 to Sony for re­pairs is ex­pen­sive. Also, Sony won’t fix your con­sole if roaches are in­volved due to health is­sues!

If a lo­cal re­pair cen­tre does it, they’ll take the con­sole apart and – de­pend­ing on the ex­tent of the dam­age – ei­ther ster­ilise or re­place the power sup­ply, then re­assem­ble it.

Preven­tion is bet­ter than cure, so the ad­vice from the pro­fes­sion­als is to store your ap­pli­ances in open ar­eas so they can get plenty of light and air­flow, these con­di­tions are less ap­peal­ing to roaches. Keep your ap­pli­ances in el­e­vated ar­eas so the bugs don’t have easy ac­cess to it.

And last, but by no means least – keep the room clean and tidy.

Gamers need to pro­tect their con­soles from a cock­roach in­va­sion. This is not a game.

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