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East Pass Pass South 1 2 West Pass Pass Open­ing Lead: 9. East plays two top hearts, then leads the Q. What is your plan? Rec­om­mended Line: You might be think­ing: “Aunt Mil­dred said: Eight ever, nine n ever.”

Here, with nine trumps be­tween your hand and dummy, you might plan to try to drop the miss­ing queen, rather than fi­ness­ing.

While Aunt Mil­dred’s ad­vice might be fun­da­men­tally sound, it should add: “un­less your anal­y­sis tells you to do some­thing dif­fer­ent.”

In this case, East, who passed as dealer, has shown 10 points: seven in hearts, and three (in­ferred) in clubs. East would have opened the bid­ding if hold­ing the Q as well.

So, you win, play the K, and fi­nesse the T. Eleven tricks. Nine to Aunt Mil­dred.

The prob­lem with a rhyme, is that it works only some of the time.

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