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Con­tract: 6 by South. Open­ing Lead: 2. What is your plan? Rec­om­mended Line: You hope to make six spades, one heart, three di­a­monds, and two clubs.

You do not need four di­a­mond tricks, so as­sume only three can be made.

Since you need only three di­a­mond tricks, you imag­ine the split against you is 4-2. There­fore you must find a way to play five rounds of the suit. Four rounds will be needed to draw all the di­a­monds out of one de­fender’s hand; the fifth round will be to cash the es­tab­lished di­a­mond.

If you play two top di­a­monds and ruff a third right away, you have two rounds of di­a­monds to go. But, with only one en­try left, this is im­pos­si­ble. The so­lu­tion is to win the trump lead in hand, and duck a di­a­mond.

Next, play A, K, and ruff the next one high.

You reach the es­tab­lished di­a­mond via the J. You have to give away a di­a­mond to make a di­a­mond. Your “gen­eros­ity” is re­warded.

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