Boy­cott of Is­rael caused wa­ter cri­sis

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WHEN will Pales­tinian sol­i­dar­ity groups be held ac­count­able for our wa­ter cri­sis?

Over the past weeks, the UCT PSF (Pales­tinian Sol­i­dar­ity Fo­rum) has started its usual calls for the boy­cotting of Is­rael and ref­er­enc­ing the suc­cess of the UJ boy­cott – which in fact was not a boy­cott, how­ever, but a can­celling of a co-op­er­a­tion agree­ment.

I won­der how many read­ers need to google what co-op­er­a­tion agree­ment was in place?

It was an agree­ment with BenGu­rion Uni­ver­sity in the Negev and was fo­cused on wa­ter re­search. Up un­til this point, wa­ter tech­nol­ogy from Is­rael was pour­ing into the coun­try. In fact 80-90% of veg­eta­bles that South Africans eat uses Is­raeli tech­nol­ogy to cul­ti­vate.

Af­ter this agree­ment was can­celled, it pretty much stalled all sig­nif­i­cant wa­ter re­search in South Africa. In fact, that was when all of our wa­ter prob­lems started. The trail of death and destruc­tion is eas­ily ob­tained from news re­ports and the in­ter­net. Yet ev­ery­one is point­ing to the gov­ern­ment and not at the Pales­tine Sol­i­dar­ity or BDS groups.

How these groups all say with­out ev­i­dence that Is­rael is do­ing this and that at the ex­pense of Pales­tini­ans… yet look at what these groups have caused at the ex­pense of or­di­nary peo­ple who are just mak­ing sure they can put food on the ta­ble, let alone have a glass of clean wa­ter.

Is the dam­age which they have caused not enough? These groups are so ac­tive in gov­ern­ment cir­cles that they have caused the gov­ern­ment to lobby for the can­cel­la­tion of the Africa-Is­rael sum­mit.

The sum­mit’s ob­jec­tives in­cluded ways to im­prove the lives of Africans. So not only do these groups care more for a peo­ple who are liv­ing bet­ter than most peo­ple in Africa, they do not care if their agenda is im­ple­mented at the ex­pense of South Africans or Africans.

When is civil so­ci­ety go­ing to stand up to these groups who in­cite ha­tred, which only tar­get Jews for boy­cott and who leave a trail of death and destruc­tion in the coun­tries they op­er­ate?

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