DA fid­dles as city dries: ‘re­ward’ awaits at polls

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PIC­TURE a fam­ily at war with it­self. Brother against brother, fa­ther against mother. The dif­fer­ences seem ir­rec­on­cil­able. Hope for unity has gone. A fam­ily is col­laps­ing. Ef­forts by some to re­unite them are not suc­cess­ful and the “peace­mak­ers” be­come a part of the fight. Into this sit­u­a­tion comes an out­sider who ver­bally at­tacks a mem­ber of the fam­ily or the fam­ily as a whole. All its dif­fer­ences are for­got­ten as it unites to fight off the en­emy. One can say that the DA has ded­i­cated it­self to re­unit­ing the ANC.

Other than that, what has the DA done? Did they dredge Thee­wa­ter­skloof Dam while it was empty? Did they con­sider deep­en­ing it while that was pos­si­ble? No. Their thoughts were else­where.

There has been talk about this or that plan to “make” wa­ter. Get­ting wa­ter from the air is sim­ple and clean and easy to do at home, but per­haps that is too ad­vanced an idea for the folk who are tak­ing big salaries to man­age the city and prov­ince. They have spo­ken of de­sali­na­tion, but “couldn’t” get top ex­perts to help, as a re­li­gious group would be per­turbed.

They are al­low­ing ratepay­ers to spend large amounts to go off the wa­ter grid. The public is al­lowed to drill and steal un­der­ground wa­ter for gar­dens at will – wa­ter that be­longs to us all. If the wa­ter ta­ble drops or there is a back­flow from the sea, we will be in big trou­ble. At some point the roots of an­cient trees will no longer be in wa­ter – or will be in salty wa­ter – and they will be­gin to die, leav­ing the city even drier with­out the tran­spi­ra­tion of all those leaves.

There are huge prob­lems just around the cor­ner. At present, toi­lets are stink­ing, as are buck­ets of used wa­ter. Add sum­mer heat, and imag­ine toxic mini-cesspools all over the show. Ants, fleas, flies and cock­roaches will gain the up­per hand, and the next step will be hu­man dis­ease and death.

The DA has lost a great op­por­tu­nity to show other cities and prov­inces what good gov­er­nance is all about. What do you think vot­ers will do, DA? Praise you? Give their sup­port at the polls?

You are doomed. Good­bye DA – hello ANC.

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