Lamb shank and mush­rooms


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2 kg lamb shanks, with long bones or sawn into chunks 30 ml (2 T) olive oil 30 ml (2 T) bal­samic

vine­gar a few fresh rose­mary


10 whole gar­lic cloves,


1 pouch (20 g) dried mush­rooms

500 ml (2 c) lamb or

veg­etable stock salt and pep­per but­ter ex­tra olive oil

1 bunch of leeks,


250-500 ml (1-2 c)

white wine

1 kg as­sorted mush­rooms, cut into large chunks 125 ml (½ c) chopped

fresh pars­ley grated zest of

1 lemon

TO SERVE pasta of your choice, mashed pota­toes or freshly baked bread 1 In a dish, sprin­kle the lamb shanks with the olive oil and vine­gar, add the rose­mary and gar­lic and mar­i­nate overnight.

2 Soak the dried mush­rooms in the stock un­til soft. Set aside and re­serve the stock.

3 Re­move the meat from the mari­nade (re­serve mari­nade). Sea­son with salt and pep­per. Heat some but­ter and olive oil in a ca­st­iron pot. Fry meat and leeks un­til brown.

4 Add the re­served mari­nade, wine, soaked mush­rooms and re­served stock. Sim­mer for 2-2½ hours or un­til the meat is ten­der.

5 Fry the fresh mush­rooms in oil and but­ter un­til just soft. Add to the shank pot and mix.

6 Sprin­kle the pars­ley and lemon zest over.

7 Toserve Serve with your choice of starch.


15 min Mar­i­nat­ing Overnight Cook­ing 2½-3 hours


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