YOU Best Recipes: Braai - - Contents -

The pros and cons of wood (for open fires) and bri­quettes (open fires and ket­tle braais).


Prepa­ra­tion: about 1 hour, de­pend­ing on the wood.

A wood fire im­parts an un­mis­tak­able flavour to meat, which is why most mas­ter braaiers reckon it’s al­ways the best op­tion. Although a wood fire is more dif­fi­cult to con­trol, it’s of­ten hot­ter than one made with bri­quettes. A wood fire has to burn down be­fore it can be used for braaiing, so the prepa­ra­tion time is longer. There’s also the risk that it burns down too fast if you use the wrong wood. Make sure you con­trol it prop­erly so it doesn’t give off a lot of smoke, which will give the food a bit­ter taste.

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