Veni­son sausage and ba­con ke­babs

7 MAKES 10-12 KE­BABS Prepa­ra­tion 20 min Mar­i­nat­ing Overnight Cook­ing 15-20 min

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250 g ba­con rash­ers

600-800 g veni­son sausage, meat squeezed

out of the cas­ings and rolled into small balls va­ri­ety of dried fruits such as nec­tarines,

soft apri­cots and pears

30 pick­ling onions


250 ml (1 c) olive oil

3 gar­lic cloves, crushed

3 sprigs of fresh le­mon thyme

80 ml (¹⁄₃ c) soy sauce

25 ml (5 t) rice vine­gar or brown vine­gar

5-10 ml (1-2 t) mus­tard pow­der pinch of ground cumin pinch of chilli pow­der


grid­dle­cakes (recipe on page 78)

1 Wrap a ba­con rasher around each veni­son sausage ball.

2 Thread onto skew­ers, al­ter­nat­ing with dried fruit and pick­ling onions.

3 Mari­nade Mix the in­gre­di­ents, pour over the sausage skew­ers and mar­i­nate overnight.

4 Braai over mod­er­ate coals un­til the meat is just done, about 15-20 min­utes. Brush from time to time with the mari­nade.

5 To serve Serve with the grid­dle­cakes.

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