Top tips for pro­tect­ing your skin from the sun

Sum­mer’s around the cor­ner and it’s time to have fun in the sun – but you need to make sure you’re pro­tected



Do you re­ally need a dif­fer­ent sun­screen for your face and body? Yes, you do. Fa­cial sun­screens are lighter and won’t leave your face look­ing oily. The skin on your face is more sen­si­tive than the rest of your body, and other sun creams can cause break­outs. Cer­tain fa­cial sun creams even con­tain an­tiox­i­dants that en­hance your skin. But if you only have reg­u­lar sun­screen on hand, rather use that on your face than noth­ing at all. A pim­ple is less se­ri­ous than sun­burn.


You should reap­ply sun­screen (be­tween SPF20 and SPF50, de­pend­ing on your com­plex­ion) ev­ery two hours. It’s true that if you have a darker com­plex­ion you’re less sus­cep­ti­ble to get­ting skin can­cer, as your skin con­tains more melanin that pro­tects it against the sun. But it doesn’t mean you’re not at risk – you can still get sun­burnt and de­velop can­cer.


Th­ese days make-up also of­fers sun­screens and many foun­da­tions now come with built-in sun pro­tec­tion. But is it enough to help pro­tect your skin if you’re spend­ing the day out­side? The short an­swer is no. Th­ese prod­ucts alone won’t give you enough cov­er­age, so re­mem­ber to ap­ply a nor­mal sun cream to your face in ad­di­tion to your SPF make-up. And use lip­sticks that have built-in sun pro­tec­tion.


Get your chil­dren into the habit of pro­tect­ing them­selves against the sun from as young as pos­si­ble. If they’re play­ing out­side reap­ply sun­screen ev­ery two hours, and if they’re at the beach or pool also reap­ply when they get out of the wa­ter. If your chil­dren play sport, make sure they keep sun­screen in their kit bag and that they know to reap­ply fre­quently.

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