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Are there any other read­ers who are like me and hate those scratchy, ir­ri­tat­ing la­bels that man­u­fac­tur­ers sew into the necks of gar­ments?

I’m never at­tracted to a dress or top be­cause of a la­bel and nine times out of 10 I’ll un­pick the stitch­ing (care­fully so as not to harm the gar­ment) and re­move the la­bel. Why? Be­cause the la­bel is stitched with prickly ny­lon or gold thread that ir­ri­tates my neck ter­ri­bly. Once the la­bel is ironed, the ny­lon thread hard­ens and it causes even more itch­i­ness.

Man­u­fac­tur­ers should use soft cot­ton to sew their la­bels on, or place the la­bels in the side seams where they won’t rub and scratch the wearer. Gen­tly does it! GAIL, EMAIL

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