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By JU­LIA DON­ALD­SON Ali­son Green Books Meet Wilde­beest and Warthog, Spot­ted Hyena, Lap­pet-Faced Vul­ture and Marabou Stork. Peo­ple call them “the Ugly Five”, but in­stead of be­ing offended by the ti­tle the mot­ley crew team up and show that beauty re­ally is in the eye of the be­holder.

“The thing about The Ugly Five is that they aren’t ashamed of be­ing ugly. They’re ac­tu­ally quite proud of it. So per­haps it’s re­claim­ing the word ‘ugly’,” Ju­lia says.

Yes, there’s a mes­sage – that it’s what’s in­side that re­ally counts – but Ju­lia has great fun get­ting it across with clever rhymes and cheeky jokes. Kids in the four-to-seven age group will hang on ev­ery word. The book is due out at the end of Septem­ber.

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