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7de Laan, why are you mak­ing Oubaas into a mon­ster now that he’s no longer on the show? EL­IZ­A­BETH, SMS Lion Mama (YOU, 2 Oc­to­ber), you’re a brave, pro­tec­tive, lov­ing mother. I’d have done the same. SYLVIE, PORT EL­IZ­A­BETH And I say to you Lion Mama, ha­lala. It’s about time men were put in their place. A woman isn’t there for them to abuse. Men, keep your hands and what’s be­tween your legs to your­self. ALSO ABUSED, SMS I nearly sprained my an­kle jump­ing up to change the chan­nel when Trend­ing SA came on. I pay my TV li­cence and have to nearly in­jure my­self to block out the rub­bish screened? I’d risk a bro­ken leg to shut down WTF Tumi! WTF SABC, SMS Thanks, Marie Dixon, for your ad­vice on breast­feed­ing (YOU Say, 19 Oc­to­ber). I wasn’t able to breast­feed and put so much pres­sure on my­self to per­se­vere. I felt like a fail­ure and the “Breast is best” la­bel on most for­mula tins didn’t help. Thank you for mak­ing me feel bet­ter about the choice I made to use for­mula! GUILT-FREE, SMS I’ve yet to see a woman in torn or shred­ded jeans who wouldn’t have looked bet­ter – and more in­tel­li­gent – in stan­dard jeans. Are they all sheep who fol­low the flock, be­liev­ing it will make them look cool? It doesn’t work. NOT CON­VINCED, SMS Am I the only one who hates those offthe-shoul­der tops women wear on TV? They look half-dressed. COVER UP, SMS

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