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Pro­duc­tion teams went to ev­ery con­ti­nent and worked across ev­ery ocean to make the new se­ries, which fea­tures scenes from icy po­lar wa­ters to shim­mer­ing co­ral reefs and storm-bat­tered coast­lines.

They also went deep. Very deep. Pro­ducer Orla Do­herty says she spent more than 500 hours in sub­mersibles go­ing to a depth of 1 000m be­low the sur­face – the deep­est the tech­nol­ogy could take them.

Only three hu­mans have gone deeper. In the ’60s Don Walsh and Jac­ques Pic­card be­came the first ex­plor­ers to dive 11km into the Mar­i­ana Trench, and in 2013 James Cameron made a record-break­ing solo dive into the trench.

“You can’t go to the toi­let the whole time you’re down there, so you have to hold it for 10 hours,” Do­herty told The Guardian.

But, boy, was it worth it! “It’s like all the sci-fi films you’ve ever watched rolled into one,” she said.

“We saw Hum­boldt squid on the at­tack, which no one has filmed be­fore. These are two-me­tre mon­sters – fierce, vo­ra­cious preda­tors – and we were sur­rounded by a squadron of a thou­sand of them.

“We even saw their far darker side, when they turn on each other and be­come can­ni­bals if there isn’t enough food.”

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