YOU (South Africa) - - NEWS - These guide­lines are not meant to ad­dress par­tic­u­lar nu­tri­tional de­fi­cien­cies or food al­ler­gies. If you have a spe­cific nu­tri­tional or food-re­lated is­sue, di­eti­cians Rochez O’Grady and Sarah Gouws rec­om­mend you have a con­sul­ta­tion with a reg­is­tered di­etic

CON­GRAT­U­LA­TIONS! You’re into Week 3 of our slim-down-for-the­hol­i­days plan and the scale should be your new best friend – as well as those used-to-be-tootight jeans. Soon it will be a case of bye-bye, flab; hello, slim­mer body. De­vised by Rochez O’Grady and Sarah Gouws, reg­is­tered di­eti­cians at Cape Town-based prac­tice Munch­wize, it’s a four-week plan for you to cut out and keep. Once you’ve fin­ished Week 4, go back to Week 1 to keep re­sults com­ing. If you’ve missed our pre­vi­ous two is­sues and would like to get in on this weight-loss jour­ney, you’re not too late: get in touch with us (see op­po­site page) and we’ll send you the is­sues you need. Stick­ing to this plan should see you lose up to 1kg a week. But the scale isn’t the only way of track­ing your progress – re­mem­ber to take mea­sure­ments around your tummy, bot­tom, thighs and up­per arms as it’s cen­time­tres that re­ally count. A word of cau­tion: go easy on the al­co­hol while you’re on this plan. Party sea­son is nearly upon us and you might think a few glasses of wine or beer can’t hurt – but think again. While the oc­ca­sional drink shouldn’t hin­der your progress too much, reg­u­lar booz­ing could stop you from reach­ing your goal. “It’s dif­fi­cult to drink and lose weight,” O’Grady ex­plains. “Al­co­hol is se­ri­ously high in kilo­joules and so are the mix­ers it comes with.

“Your body metabolises al­co­hol first as it’s a toxin and then metabolises the rest of your food, mean­ing it ends up stor­ing that food as fat. Al­co­hol also de­hy­drates you as it’s a di­uretic.”

Prac­tise mind­ful­ness, she ad­vises. “Drink slowly and add wa­ter, or soda or sparkling wa­ter, in­stead of mix­ers, as well as lots of ice. Have a glass of wa­ter be­tween drinks and try to set a limit on how many drinks you have.”

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