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Your baby will re­quire breast milk or cow’s milk for­mula as her main drink up to 12 months of age. This is to en­sure she re­ceives suf­fi­cient calo­ries, pro­tein, cal­cium and other es­sen­tial mi­cronu­tri­ents. As you plan on re­turn­ing to work and wean­ing her off your milk, it is ad­vis­able you in­tro­duce a fol­low-on for­mula un­til she is at least one. Be­tween 500-600ml of for­mula per day will be ad­e­quate at this stage. Cows’ milk can be in­tro­duced into cook­ing from 6 months of age, how­ever it is not suit­able as a drink un­til af­ter 12 months of age. When you do in­tro­duce cow’s milk, use full-cream milk un­til at least two years of age to en­sure suf­fi­cient calo­ries and vi­ta­min A to sup­port your child’s needs.

Goats’ milk and sheep’s milk; con­densed or evap­o­rated milks; as well as dairy-free al­ter­na­tives such

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